8 Ways to Go Green For Back To School This Year #GreenBTS


  Some people call Christmas the happiest time of the year.  I am not got to lie, I am pretty sure that September will give Christmas time a run for its money.  It is back to school time!!! Don't get me wrong I love the warm weather, mini vacations and day trips to the beach BUT... I am looking forward to being back in a regular routine.  With Monkey heading into his

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Taking FUNKtional to the Next Level: Funky Fluff LUX Cloth Diaper Review


We love our cloth diapers in the Little Miss Kate household.  I started cloth diapering the day we brought monkey home from the NICU, and have been using cloth diapers ever since.  There was even a time when we had TWO kids in cloth diapers.  No I am not some die hard hippie, cloth diapers are not those yucky plastic pants that our parents had to use on us.  We have come a long

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Tips for Saving Money at Great Wolf Lodge


  Recently our family headed to Great Wolf Lodge and had a great first experience there.  Since returning and raving our about our fun adventures a few people have commented that they have not been to Great Wolf Lodge because "it is too expensive".  I have challenged them to really take a look at the cost of the vacation, and remind them that the price of the hotel

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Easy Triceratops Dinosaur Birthday Cake Recipe


  If you have been a reader of Little Miss Kate for a while you will know that I enjoy making birthday cakes.  Now I am not talking about big complicated fondant cakes that will take you a week to make.  I like making birthday cakes that are creative and fun, yet EASY to make and taste great.  Some of my past accomplishments include Thomas the Tank Engine birthday cake,

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Easy Weeknight Chicken Quesadillas – Get Kids Cooking


  I am a firm believer that the best and easiest way to get people into healthy eating habits is to teach them as kids about real food and how to cook! There are so many ways to get kids involved in the kitchen.  From taking the kids to the Farmer's Market in the summer to help pick out fresh produce (a weekly ritual for us), to getting them in the kitchen helping form a

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One Day One Walk to Support Cancer Patients and Research #OneWalkShoeSelfie


  So what are you doing on September 12?  Seriously, do you have any plans for that day?  In  you are in the Toronto area there is one event you need to know about.  On Saturday September 12, 2015 amazing group of people will be walking the streets of Toronto to raise money for the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre.  As you know I have a very personal connection to cancer

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5 Reasons To Encourage Your Child To Dress Up


  When I was a little girl, I loved dressing up. It was some all the kids on the block got into. Sometimes if it was just the girls we would play princesses or mermaids.  With the boys superheros and fighting off the bad guys was the name of the game.  So after having 2 boys it was not surprise to me that we amassed a collection of dress up costumes with everything from

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Music The Universal Language… At Least Some Of The Time


  I LOVE music.  Growing up the radio was always on or we had a mix tape (remember those?!?) playing on the boom box.  Kitchen dancing was a thing in our house.  Fast forward to having my own house and kids.  I thought we would all be singing and dancing up a storm together.  I cue up the music, break out my favourite dance moves and nada...  Monkey, my oldest, will not

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Mom to Mom Sales in Brampton


  With back to school underway it is time to start focusing changing over from summer clothing to fall and winter clothing.  Save money by shopping at Mom to Mom Sales  - I have had great luck picking up snow suits for $10, new shoes for under $5 and lots of other like new clothing for $1-2 a piece at my local mom to mom sales. Who knows, maybe this time I might be able

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What is the Difference between a Midwife and Doula?


What is the difference between a midwife and a doula? This is a question I get asked often when people hear that I had a Midwife AND a Doula at the births of Little Bear and Baby Roo.  When you are expecting a baby there are lots of choices to be made along the way, but one of the first you will make is who will care for you during your pregnancy.  In many areas women have the

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Mango Pineapple Smoothie Dairy Free


  As the fall approaches, I start thinking about the kids going back to school, and start prepping for fast breakfasts that can be whipped up quick and ate on the go.  It seems like back to school is already such a busy time, but this year is even more hectic for me as it is also back to work time after being off on maternity leave. Now that I will have 3 kids, as well as

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