Easy Slow Cooker Pulled Pork Recipe


After a winter that seemed like it was never ever ever going to end you are not going to hear me complain about the heat this summer.  However, you might hear me say that it is too hot to cook.  Lets face it no one whats to slave over a hot stove, or have the oven on for hours when it is 30oC outside.  With lots of hot summer days coming up I am looking for recipes that are

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Nutrition Labels 101: Decoding Food Nutrition Labels #FocusOnTheFacts


  There used to be a time when food was simple - you grew it, caught it, or bought it from a local shop or farmer.  Things have drastically changed over the years, and now we have bountiful grocery stores and access to foods from all over the world.  Food has now become big business, and like any business come marketing.  When you head to the grocery store now it can be

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Diapering to Potty Training with Seventh Generation


  Ok parents, lets talk diapering.  When you have tiny babies it feels like you spend 90% of your day either feeding or changing your little ones... And it feels that way because it is true! Between short stints of sleep there is a lot of pee, poop and diaper changes.  As they grow there may be fewer diaper changes in a day, but different challenges arise like potty

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Great Canadian Breakfast Waffle Recipe


Bacon, eggs, maple syrup and waffles all in one dish! Sounds too good to be true, but you can have it all in this sweet yet savoury Great Canadian Breakfast Waffle.  One of the great things about this recipe is that it is so versatile that you can customize it so that everyone will enjoy.  This would also be a perfect idea for a group brunch as you can make the waffles ahead of

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Top 5 Must See Movies of 2015


As summer approaches, so does the launch of all the biggest movies of the year! From the start of summer through the end of the year, you will see the launch of movies that the production companies expect to be their top grossing films this year.  This year there are a few franchises that are adding the next instalment in there series and those have to be the top of my list!

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Easy 4 Ingredient Homemade Salsa Recipe


  Schools out for summer!  Wow the past school year went by fast, but I am looking forward to a summer filled with fun adventures and play dates with friends.  I like to have some quick recipes for those impromptu gatherings when the kids are playing nicely and the adults can enjoy a few minutes to sit and chat on a nice summer day.  I know I will be whipping up this easy 4

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5 Hidden Gems in Ottawa’s Byward Market


  This spring I was in Ottawa for a conference, this time it was just Baby Roo and I on a girls road trip.  Even though we were not staying in downtown Ottawa I made sure to make a trip, well 2 actually, to the Byward Market.  A lovely area of downtown Ottawa that offers amazing shops, restaurants and atmosphere.  Walking distance from Parliament Hill spend an afternoon

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Canada Day Dessert Idea – Chocolate Covered Pretzels

Canada Day Dessert Idea - Chocolate Covered Pretzels

  I am a proud Canadian and look forward to Canada Day every year. The fun family activities, parades and fireworks make for such an exciting day for me and the kids.   We usually enjoy a family BBQ followed by attending some of the free events our city has to offer.  Whenever we are invited over for a BBQ I like to make sure that we take food with is to contribute to the

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Don’t Break the Bank this Summer – Tips for Budgeting for Summer Activities

Canada's Wonderland

Please tell me I am not the only one who is panicking that that summer is almost here. This is Monkeys first summer “off”. Now that he is a school kid, this is the first time I have had to worry about summer plans for him as he was always in daycare previously. And wow is there a lot of planning, organization and saving that needs to go into 1 summer! We are going to be

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Summer Day Trips in Ontario

What to do at Canada’s Wonderland when you don’t love Roller Coasters

  This one is going to be a special one around the Little Miss Kate household.  It will be the first time Monkey has had the whole summer off from school as he is just finishing JK and it will be the last time I will have a whole summer off on maternity leave as our family is now complete.  With these things in mind we want to make the most of our summer with some fun

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Great Wolf Lodge Vacation Tips and Discount Code


Well we are back from a mini vacation to Great Wolf Lodge!  We had a fantastic time with the kids and I can't wait to tell you all about it and share some of my travel tips with you for when you take a trip to Great Wolf Lodge.  We had the pleasure of staying at the Great Wolf Lodge Niagara Falls, the only Canadian location they have.  If you have not heard of Great Wolf Lodge

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