You Take Tons of Photos – Now it is Time to Show Them Off!


  At the park, mall, play dates and just about every where you go you see Moms and Dad snapping photos of their little ones.  Think about how many photos you have taken of your kids, now how many of them did you actually show to people?  Sure maybe not all of them are worthy of being hung as a portrait on your bedroom wall, but you are capturing the moments, and more

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DIY Photo Display Picture Frame


  We all take a lot of photos, now it is time so show them off!  I created this cute DIY Photo Display Picture Frame that allows you to showcase your photos and easily update them as you get new prints.  With Mother's Day coming up this would make a perfect gift for Grandma as well.  You could give her new prints to update her frame at her birthday and holidays like

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Watching, Waiting, Wondering – We all know someone dealing with infertility


Did you go through a phase where it seem like everyone was getting married?  It felt like every time I turned around I was going to another engagement party, buck & doe, bridal shower or wedding.  Man that was an expensive, but fun time!  Then we moved on to the baby phase.  You know when everyone is swapping stories about pregnancy symptoms and guesses of "boy or girl"

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Chocolate Peanut Butter No Bake Cheesecake Recipe

Chocolate Peanut Butter No Bake Cheesecake Recipe

  It is no secret that we love peanut butter in my family. I even had the Kraft Peanut Butter Bears over at my home. I love the versatility of peanut butter and I especially love it with chocolate. I had a lot of fun making these Chocolate Peanut Butter No Bake Cheesecake and the best part? They are made with Oreo cookies. Since there is no baking involved you can have

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Spring Shopping at the Craftadian Show


  I have talked on the blog before about one of my favourite craft shows the Made By Hand Show.  Well this year the show is back and better then ever with a new name... Craftadian! The Craftadian show will be springing into town this weekend!  With lots of FREE parking at the International Centre (Hall 6) there will be lots of shopping, and tasty sampling from over 150

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10 Tips for Attending the Toronto BabyTime Show


  Whoa, the count down is on!  Less then 2 weeks until the Toronto BabyTime Show is back in town.  From April 24-26, 2015 you can visit Toronto's largest baby show at the International Centre in Mississauga (don't forget it is FREE parking!).  With hundreds of exhibitors the BabyTime Show really is your one stop shop for everything pregnancy to preschool.  Here are 10

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Tips for Packing for a day at the……BEACH!


  Are you thinking about those bright warm sunny days just around the corner?  Yearning for the sand beneath your toes and the excited cries of children running wild, splashing in the water?  Me too!  While I’m dreaming about swapping the down jackets for t shirts and kicking off the winter boots for flip flops I’ve decided to come up with ideas on how to pack for the

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5 Ways For Mom To Take A Break


  I love being a mom. I really do. But sometimes I just need a break. I can tell when I am starting to get over tired or over stressed. Little things that normally do not bother me, start to agitate me. It is not good for my kids to have a stressed out mom and it is not good for me.  I am on maternity leave so I am always with at least one of the kids, so it is not

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6 Tips To Prepare Your Child For Their First Visit To The Dentist


  It is something we don't often think about but maintaining good oral health is just as important as making sure your are physically active. All parts of your body need to be working at their best to have you looking and feeling great physically, mentally and socially from childhood until your senior years.  This includes eating a well balanced diet (including whole

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5 Reasons Boys Should Sit During Potty Training


  Potty training, the things nightmares are made of!  A treacherous right of passage for parents into the world of being diaper free.  I have had the... opportunity... to potty train 2 boys so far.  And while it is not a walk in the park, potty training boys does not need to be as complicated as some people make it out to be.  Parents get caught up in the sit/stand

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Is The Water You Drink Making You Sick?


Living in Canada we are blessed with abundant fresh water, so you would think that when ever we turn on the tap to grab a glass that we would not have to worry.  Sadly that is not always the case, and the water you are drinking could actually be hurting you.  When I was a teen we moved to a new house out in the country.  It was a beautiful place surrounded by rivers, farms

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Easy Garlic Scalloped Potatoes Recipe


When it comes to getting everyone together for holidays like Christmas and Easter by the time everyone around the table we usually have at least 20 people to feed.  My Mom has always had the policy "the more the merrier", which is wonderful because that means that we get to see a lot of our family at one time.  It means not only is my immediate family there, but also my

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