Easy Cheesecake Brownie Recipe


  I.Love.Cheesecake.  I have never met a cheesecake I didn't like, but sometimes I like to change up my cheesecake indulgence a little.  When it comes to cheesecake you are not just limited to the traditional large round cheesecake.  You can make them into bars, mini cheesecakes or even tarts.  But this recipe might be my all time favourite twist on cheescake - Cheesecake

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Fish Cards for Snackable Learning – Free Printable Alphabet Flash Cards #GoldfishSmiles


  Because we like to travel this sometimes means our oldest, who is in Kindergarten this year, misses school time. I know he’s gaining invaluable experience when we travel but mommy guilt always kicks into high gear about missing valuable classroom learning time. We try to do learning activities with him on the road but sometimes the day slips by and before we know it

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Mom to Mom Sales in Toronto


  Everyone says children grow up so fast, but I think it is not until you are switching their entire wardrobe around for the 3rd time in 6 months that you realize how fast.  Clothes that are practically brand new or never even worn don't fit anymore and you are scrambling to find outfits the next size up without breaking the bank.  Well that is where mom to mom sales come

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Mom to Mom Sales in Brampton


  With back to school underway it is time to start focusing changing over from summer clothing to fall and winter clothing.  Save money by shopping at Mom to Mom Sales  - I have had great luck picking up snow suits for $10, new shoes for under $5 and lots of other like new clothing for $1-2 a piece at my local mom to mom sales. Who knows, maybe this time I might be able

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Exploring The Magic Of Play with LEGO DUPLO and Disney Junior


  There are some toys that just make it easy to be creative and get down and play with the kids.  On Saturday mornings when the boys wake up and want to play but all I want to be doing in sleeping in bed I know I can pull out the LEGO DUPLO and easily come up with some creative ways to play as the possibilities are endless.  From "baking" LEGO cakes to building air

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Get your Green Living Show FREE Tickets For This Weekend!


  This is going to be a busy weekend in Toronto, there are lots of fun events are kicking into high gear and I can't wait to attend a bunch of them.  This weekend the Green Living Show is coming to the Metro Toronto Convention Centre March 27-29.  I attended my first Green Living Show last year and loved meeting the vendors, exploring new products, and oh the FOOD! 

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How to Deal With Unexpected Layovers While Traveling With Children


  You’ve checked in, checked your luggage and patiently waited in agonizingly slow security lines only to get to the gate and see those ill-fated words “delay.” Now what? If you are lucky your gate is near the playground and you can simply let your children loose to play within sight, grab a coffee sit back and relax.   However if that is not the case, take a

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Cauliflower Leek and Bacon Casserole Recipe


  For the past few months we have been taking part in a produce box program run by the Eden Community Centre in Mississauga.  It is an awesome program where you can place an order for a box full of fresh produce as a really reasonable price and then pick up from their centre on Fridays.  Taking part has meant we have a fridge stocked full of fruits and veggies to help make

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Get Into Super Hero Action With Marvel Universe Live {Giveaway}

Marvel Universe LIVE 707x552

  My oldest is not even 5, but my boys are already a little super hero crazy.  I am OK with that, I remember playing super heroes as a child for hours.  We would dream up grand adventures and bad guys to fight.  It was a lot of fun and I love watching the boys come up with their own adventures and stories.  And just wait until Baby Roo can get in the action, I will have

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Get Your Baby Gear Fix With The Baby Show in Toronto and Ottawa


  Spring is almost here and that means The Baby Show is back in town in both Toronto and Ottawa!  They have planned 2 information packed shows including top quality vendors, seminars, and fun activities for kids.  Even as a 3 time mom I love attending these events to learn more about new products or try out a product before I buy it.  The informative seminars and

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An Answer to the Question: How Much Breast Milk Is My Baby Getting?


  Before I became a mother, I thought all babies just breastfed. I mean a baby needs to eat so they must know how to do it, right? Ha, ha, ha, oh how wrong I was. For some moms and babies breastfeeding does come easily, for other moms there are bumps along the way. Between my 3 kids I have been breastfeeding for almost 3.5 years and counting, and have encountered

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Get Rid of Hair Around Your House – Dyson Cinetic DC78 Turbinehead Animal Vacuum Review


  With the warmer weather arriving it is time to get into spring cleaning mode.  You know do the DEEP clean that only happens once or twice a year!  This year my floors are going to be sparkling clean thanks to the Dyson Cinetic Turbinehead Animal Vacuum.  Since moving out or my parents house almost 15 years ago I have owned several vacuums, none of which I have loved

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