Time to Let Go – Tossing old school notes

Tossing old school notes

I am a bit of a hoarder, not like I need an intervention and to be on a reality show, but just enough to drive my husband crazy.  I keep things "just in case", thing that were given to me (even if I don't remember now WHO gave it to me), things that were passed down, things that I once worked hard on but now no longer need. This includes school notes/test/papers from my

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So I am no Martha Stewart

no Martha Stewart

Hubby went down to the basement last night, and when he reached the bottom of the stairs he yelled out “WHAT?!?” Thinking there was some thing wrong I hurried down after him asking what was wrong I was greeted by a smirk and the response “You know how to iron????” To be fair, the number of times I have ironed since we have been married can be counted on one hand.  I have

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Who is Little Miss Kate?

Little Miss Kate

Well it is me of course! Hello, let me introduce my myself.  I am Kate, and almost 30 (eekkkk!) Canadian mama living in the GTA.  I am 5’ 2”, and earned the nickname “Little Miss Kate” as a child.  I grew up in Brampton, before moving to Grand Valley, ON at the age of 16.  What, you have never heard of Grand Valley?!?  How can that be when it is a booming metropolis with a

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