Teething Troubles – A Review of Amber Necklaces

Amber Necklace

I had never really thought of what “style” of parenting I would use for my children. I knew I would breast feed my baby and I wanted to cloth diaper, as I am environmentally conscious and wanted to reduce the environmental impact of having a baby. It turns out those characteristics generally classify you as a “natural parent”. Once I discovered the whole world of natural

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Love/Hate Mondays

Love/Hate Mondays

Every Monday I will share a few things that I have Loved/Hated about the past week Love:  Visiting with great friends on nice summer weekends Hate:  That so many of our friends live so far away from us, and we don’t get to visit as often as I would like Monkey "helping" Daddy assemble the BBQ Love:  Our new BBQ – new, shiny, and it actually gets

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Review – First Food Organics


2 Varieties of Bumpy Blends The majority of Monkey's baby food has been homemade organic fruits and veggies.  But there are times when there are just not enough hours in the day, or when I want to mix it up a little and thankfully I can reach for my stash of First Food Organics.   Looks and smells so yummy First Food Organics was started by a

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Why we cloth diaper

cloth diaper

Many people have asked us why we cloth diaper Monkey, so I thought I would share why we decided to go with cloth over disposables. When I started to look into cloth diapering it was mostly for environment reasons.  I hated the thought that the diapers we were going to use on Monkey would still be around when my Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandchildren are born. Here are

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I am not a Good Flyer – flying fear

fear of Flying

I am not a good flyer.  I am not AFRAID of flying, I am just not GOOD at it. I know.... weird.   I make travel plans, book flights, plan activities, shop for new travel clothes, and get really excited about my trip until the day before I leave.  And then I remember, I am not a good flyer - why do I do this to myself every time, what was I thinking when I decided to plan a

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Swagbucks ***Amazon Gift Card Giveaway*** – Winner


Thanks to everyone who entered the Swagbucks Amazon Gift Card Giveaway!  I think it is safe to say that the Amazon Gift Cards are one of the most popular items to redeem for.  However honorable mentions go to Pay Pal cash, Spa Finder gift cards, and the personalized Frecklebox clipboards and growth charts. Up for grabs was $10 gift card to either Amazon.com or

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Look what I made: A Reversible Bucket Hat

Reversible Bucket hat

It was a rainy yucky weekend here, so I decided to take on a new project.  I wanted to make a summer hat for Monkey - he is not fond of any kind of hat, so I figured a reversible bucket hat with chin straps would be my best bet.  Getting back into sewing has been fun and this project was a great one to test out my sewing skills on. I picked two coordinating blue spotted

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Locals Lounge – Procter & Gamble Warehouse Sale Recap

Procter &Gamble Warehouse

*Sorry for the delay on this post Blogger has been having some “issues” that have hopefully been worked out!* I thought I would share my thoughts on the Proctor &Gamble Warehouse sale held at the International Centre on May 7-8th, 2011 since it was my first time out: If you don’t like to wait in line this is not the sale for you – there were big line ups to get in

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Going Organic – *Whole Foods Market Giveaway Winner*


Thanks to everyone who entered the Whole Foods Market giveaway!  I am so excited to be "going organic" into the summer months.  I can't wait to get my hands on the scrumptious fresh local produce that will soon be in the markets. Up for grabs was a $10 gift card to Whole Foods Market - perfect for helping bring down your grocery bill a little bit. And the Winner is: #38

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Review of Baby Cubes by Petite Creations

Baby Cubes

Monkey started solids at 6 months old, rice cereal first and quickly branching out into many other foods.  I decided early on that I would make Monkey’s baby food, that way I would know exactly what he was eating.  I didn’t want added sugar, salt or processed foods as part of his diet.  When looking at how to store the baby food I made, I came across Baby Cubes by Petite

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