Life in the NICU – How to survive and thrive – Part 2


This is Part 2 of my series on Life in the NICU - Part 1 covered some of the NICU basics and adjusting coping with the first few days.  Part 2 will focus on parents who are in the NICU for the long haul. Some babies only need a day or two in the NICU, where others spend months in the NICU, sometimes in various hospitals before finally going home.  Our journey was "middle of

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Bummis Bio-Soft Liners Review


One of the most frequent questions I get once some learns that I use cloth diapers in my son is “What about the poop?!?”  I think this is the thing that scares the most people away from cloth diapering, when really it does not need to be a concern at all.  There are some great products out there to help you get rid of the “solids” from your diapers making washing a breeze and

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Beat the Heat – Remembering the cold times


Beat the Heat - Remembering the cold times! With record setting temperatures today, Monkey and I did not leave comfort of the air conditioning of our house, but it was not all that long ago when things were not so hot around here. To help cool off today I was remembering back to the beginning of December when our furnace died and we were without heat for over 36 hours - it was

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Moby Wrap Review – *Coupon Code*


First day home from the NICU - 1 month old Hands down my absolute favorite baby product for A.C. when he was a newborn was my Moby Wrap -  Words cannot explain my love for this carrier! I purchased my Moby Wrap when A.C. was still in the NICU, knowing how important kangaroo care is for babies and wanting to have him snuggle close to me as much as possible to make up

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I am Making the Switch – And you can too!!! *Giveaway*


We all have our little secrets  - some people bite their nails, some people overindulge in sweets. Mine?  I have plaque build up on my teeth.  Every time I go to the dentist they always ask politely how often I floss, and always send me home with a sweet reminder to do it more often.  I always start out with the best intentions, but then life gets in the way...       I

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Dolcezza Custom Cakes – Best Cakes in the GTA!


This past weekend we had a PARRRTY at our house - we were in full out celebration mode with A.C.'s 1st birthday and my Mom's 50th birthday being 3 days apart.  Since both birthday were milestone birthdays I wanted to make sure that everything was extra special for the celebrations! We were all set with invitations, decorations, yummy food including JAM's famous ribs... but

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My Little Monkey Costume Supercenter Review


When offered the chance to review a costume for Monkey from Costume Supercenter I was so excited.  It was fun to browse through all of the categories of costumes they have available for all ages at  I had a hard time picking out a costume for Monkey from the extensive collection available for toddlers – but when I came across the Mischievous Monkey

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Today we Celebrate – Happy 1st Birthday Monkey!


Happy 1st Birthday Monkey!!! I am amazed everyday by how much you grown from the tiny 4lbs 12oz preemie into a big strong active little boy. Thank you for teaching me a new depth of love, patience and joy like no other. Now we are off to celebrate with friends and family - Enjoy your weekend!

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Love/Hate Mondays


Welcome to another edition of Love/Hate Mondays - where I share some of the things I loved and hated over the last week Love: The smell of fresh cut flowers inside the house Hate: The bugs that sneak in with the flowers, and the mess the petals make when the flowers start to die Love: Having a beautiful garden with lots of colourful flowers Hate: Planting flowers,

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The Great Canadian Blog Bash Wrap Up #tgcbb – *Winner*


Well I hope you enjoyed The Great Canadian Blog Bash It was tons of fun finding so many new Canadian Blogs and getting to know one another on facebook and twitter as well! Thanks for sharing your suggestions on your favorite places to buy Made In Canada items, I really enjoying hearing about them.  If you have any others feel free to let me know what your favorite Made in

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