Life Choice Foods – Review and #Giveaway


Being back at work has been BUSY.  Between daycare, commuting, getting to work on time, Monkey being sick, trying to keep the house clean (ha!), figuring out “What’s for Dinner?” sometimes gets forgotten.  And I hate that mad rush of figuring out what you are going to eat trying to find something healthy and fast. The timing was perfect when Life Choices Foods contacted me to

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Jack Layton: an inspiration to us all – Lets change the world


Jack Layton & Olivia Chow Today Canada lost a great asset Jack Layton passed away at the age of 61 after a battle with cancer.  For those of you that don't know who Jack Layton is he served as the Leader of the NDP from 2003 to 2011, and just recently he party became the official opposition in Canada.  Now I am not very big into politics, I don't like the name

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Love/Hate Mondays

Love:  That Monkey is having a blast at daycare Hate: That he has had a cold from three days after he started and has miss 1 day each week so far because he was sick!Love: The thrill of diving into a new project at work Hate: Having to clean up someone else's mess from projects that were handed down from other people to meLove: Calm peaceful rides on the train to/from work, a

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Quinoa – Simple, healthy and YUMMY

quinoa black beans corn

I first tried quinoa when I was on my trip to Halifax in the spring and I instantly feel in LOVE.  It was tasty, filling, and easy to prepare -I can't believe I didn't know about it before then.  I am going to share one of my favorite recipes for quinoa - you can eat it as a side dish, put it on a sandwich or wrap. Quinoa with Black Beans and Corn Here are the

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One Year Ago today our baby came HOME from the NICU


One year ago I finally got to so something so many parents take for granted... Take my baby HOME from the NICU. After 33 days in the hospital we were soooooooooooooooo ready to embark on our new adventure as a family Monkey was not so sure about leaving the safety of NICU at first.  (Why is it that babies hate their car seats so much?!?) But after we told him about

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My #UltimateSandwich – Sweet with Heat Grilled Chicken Sandwich!


Everyone has their favorite small appliance in their kitchen - maybe it is the kettle for making a perfect cup of tea, or your electric mixer for all of your home baking...  Mine?  Well mine is the toaster oven - One little appliance that does so many things.  My love affair with toaster ovens started when I was in University - it was a great way for me to cook for 1, and

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Moby Wrap From Pooka Baby – *Winner*


A big THANK YOU to everyone who entered the Moby Wrap giveaway from Pooka Baby! Pooka Baby offers carrier for all of your baby wearing needs including ring slings, pouches, mei tai,  wraps and ERGObaby Carriers. You can also pick up Baby Legs, and Pooka Baby will soon be offering a great selection of Gaia Skin Naturals. As always there is free shipping on all orders

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Boost your Buzz #boostbuzz – $1000 Giveaway!


Welcome new friends from Boost Your Buzz!   Enter the Boost Your Buzz Giveaway to win $1000 cash! Boost Your Buzz is hosted by Simply Stacie, Survey Junkie, and Little Yaya's (stop by one of their sites to complete the entry form, it is the same on each site) The contest is open from August 1st - 15th and is open worldwide! We are so happy to have you here at

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