Food for Fridays – Zucchini Fritters


Two weeks ago, when we were talking about make-ahead lunch ideas, many of you commented that you like to make-ahead large batches of food and put them in the freezer for future meals. We don't have a chest freezer in our tiny home, so, I don't often bulk buy or bulk cook but there are a few items that we make in big batches to stash in the freezer. These zucchini fritters are,

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Ginger 85 Boutique – My Style Sponsor for #SCCTO


If you haven't been downtown Brampton to check out Ginger 85 Boutique you are missing out!  Ginger 85 offers the unique and personalized shopping experience missing from so many clothing stores these days.  Always greeted with a smile you will find a wide variety of style and brands for the ultimate selection.  From Jeans and cute Tee, corporate wear or party dresses Ginger 85

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A Great Place To Connect – Baby and You


Being a Mom is serious business - everyday decisions are so much more complex, because you now acting on behalf of a cute tiny person who you want the very best for. Baby and You is a great community where Moms (& Dads) can chat about all of the major & minor choices parents have to make.  From when to start solids to what brand of car seats Moms love the community will

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Food For Fridays – Quinoa Salad


The calendar may say that it's officially Fall but I'm still clinging on to every last drop of summer that's left.  For me, tomatoes are one of summers bounty but around here, they happen to still be deliciously in season.  You can still find some excellent quality tomatoes in most grocery stores and, of course, at farmers markets.  This simple salad, basically a caprese salad

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My Plan to LIVE LOUD!!! #liveloud


These days time just seems to be flying by... Days, Weeks and even Months are passing in what feels like a blink of an eye.  Life kind of feels like it is just happening all around me, but I am not really LIVING it.  Now that I am back at work it feels like I am just running all the time - literally - running to catch the train, running to get to work on time, running to pick

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Locals Lounge – Fall Mom to Mom Sales

Mom to Mom Sales in the GTA

With the cold weather setting I am going to need to dig out Monky's Fall clothes, but I am sure most of the sweaters and pants that fit him in the spring will be too small now.  Luckily it is time for the Fall mom-to-moms sales!!! I love shopping at these sales for used clothes - normally there is an excellent selection at really good prices - like going to one big garage

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Food for Fridays – Make Ahead Lunches


I have this friend who does a lot of make ahead lunches. She cooks up a large batch of something on Sunday afternoon, separates them into lunch containers and then stores them, for lunch retrieval during the week. She varies the meals quite a lot, from curried vegetables on couscous, to Chinese fried rice, to chicken and pasta. It all sounds good, but I just couldn't get over

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Mommy’s Touch Wetbag Review


Wetbags are a “must have” accessory for any cloth diapering family.  Mommy’s touch wetbags offer everything you are looking for – form, function and style! Mommy's Touch Wetbag "Dump Trucks" Print Form:  The Mommy’s Touch Wetbag is made out of PUL making it waterproof, but also quick to dry when washed.  I love that this wetbag has a zipper closure, it keeps

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Food for Fridays — Homemade Granola Bars


I thought that maybe we could continue our chat about lunch from last week. One of my other food goals for this year is to increase the number of things that I make instead of buy. When I stumbled across a recipe for homemade granola bars I wanted to give it a try. So, it was Saturday night and I decided to sit down and whip up a batch of granola bars for you. Wait, what?

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