Dream Big Canada! #Win $10,000 Canadian Vacation with CentrSource


If you had $10,000 to travel in Canada where would you go?!?  Since coming back from Prague JAM and I have been talking about what our next vacation would be.  Well I have been doing most of the talking (and dreaming) while JAM reminds me of what is realistic. But what if you didn't have to worry about the cost, what if you had $10,000 to spend on your dream Canadian

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Food for Friday – Caramel Apples


I have been making caramel apples just about every year for the past 10 or so years, if I'm remembering correctly. And to be clear, I usually make more than 3 dozen. I think 4 or 5 dozen is more the norm. Even last year, when I was pregnant and ready to pop! So, let's just say that I've learned a thing or to that I thought I should share. Here are some tips and tricks for

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Life in the NICU – How to bond with you baby – Part 3


For Part 3 in my Life in the NICU series I am going to focus on how you can connect & bond with your baby while they are in the NICU. I have covered how to cope in the early stages of a NICU stay in Part 1, and Part 2 looked at how to survive and even thrive during a NICU stay. Being a NICU parent can sometimes make you feel a disconnected from your little one.  In

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Apple and Red Cabbage Slaw Recipe


Yep! You guessed it, another apple recipe! This one is a little different though. It's spicy and a bit sour and not as sweet as you'd expect an apple recipe to be. And it's purple! Do you have a toddler or pre-school-aged daughter? Will she, like mine, only wear purple? Try serving purple food for dinner. It will blow. her. mind. I came across the recipe for this salad when

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Blissdom Canada 2011 Wrap up


Whew, to say the past 3 weeks have been busy for me is an understatement!  First the She's Connected Conference, them off to a good friends wedding, followed by a 6 day trip to Prague and last but not least I attended the Blissdom Canada Conference last week!  I feel like I have barely been home, but it has been a lot of fun. Blissdom Canada is a Social Media conference held

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Giving Back with Seventh Generation


Growing up, one thing my mom always made sure to teach us was how much of a difference you could make by giving back to the community.  It didn't have to be big grand gestures, just something to help others around you.  I am hoping that I will be able to teach and show A.C. how important generosity and community is as he grows.  Giving back to those around you not only help

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5 Reasons to Fly First Class


I recently had the opportunity to travel to Europe with work and due to the length of the flight I was able to fly First Class for the first time ever and boy was it a treat!  My experience flying with Air Canada was great.  I really think I should fly first class whenever I travel now (ha!  I will keep dreaming!) 1 - You have your own lines for EVERYTHING - it took me less

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Food for Friday – Apple Butter and Cheddar Biscuits


Remember how last week, I was making applesauce with the 50lbs of apples I picked at the farm? Well, apple sauce isn't all that I made! We will definitely be covering recipes that require apples for the rest of October. Are you with me? A natural extension from applesauce is apple butter. Have you ever tried it? My friend Lara brought some over to my house just 4 days before

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Happy Thanksgiving!


I hope all of my Canadian readers are having a wonderful Thanksgiving Weekend! I have heard that Toronto is having amazing weather this weekend.  Hopefully it will last a little longer so I can enjoy it when I get home from Prague.  This is the first Thanksgiving that I am not home to join in on the the celebrations with friends and family due to my work trip.  Since I am

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