Food for Friday, Special Edition – Eggnog Latte


Eggnog lattes are an excellent way to use up any leftover eggnog that you have hanging around in the fridge after you make your eggnog cheesecake bars. They are certainly a delicious way to enjoy your coffee over the holiday season. One simple way of adding some eggnog to your morning (or afternoon) caffeine break is to simply replace the milk or cream in your coffee with

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On the hunt for a Toshiba 3D TV (via @Shesconnected) #ToshibaTelevision


As Christmas season kicks into high gear everyone is getting out to do their shopping.  On a recent trip to Best Buy you could feel the hustle and bustle of the season in the air.  Now why did I head to Best Buy on a rainy afternoon?  Well I was selected as part of the Toshiba Brand Ambassador program!  As part of this program we were given a mission to check out the Toshiba

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Under my Christmas Tree – Potatopatch Baby & Kids *Giveaway*


Looking for a unique and creative gift for little ones in your life?  You need to check out Potatopatch Baby & Kids.  Potatopatch offers clothing in an amazing selection of designs that are all hand stamped using Potatoes!  Based out of Alliston, Ontario – the potato growing capital of Ontario – each design is created by carving potatoes into the desired shape and then used

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Food for Friday — Eggnog Cheesecake Bars


So, it's our last Friday in November which means that it's the last day for cookies in our cookie series. Have you guys been having fun so far? If you think that I should keep up with the cookie posts all through December, could you shout it out in the comments, otherwise, I think I'll be moving on to another fascinating food topic. Actually, while you're there, why don't you

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Under my Christmas Tree – Mabel’s Labels


Before I had children I never truly appreciated how much “stuff” they have, and how quickly it can get LOST!!! From mittens and hats, to socks and sweaters you have them one minute and poofthe next moment they are gone.  It can be hard to keep track of what belongs to you, and if you have ever had to look through a lost and found bin, you know it is even harder to identify your

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Under my Christmas Tree – Empire Theaters Holiday Bundles #EmpireHolidays


We all have them on our Christmas Shopping list… thoseimpossible to buy for people.  People who leave you scratching you head and wandering the isles of packed stores during the Christmas rush.  Maybe it is your Uncle Bob, or teen sister or even that coworker you need to buy  a gift for as part of a Christmas exchange… whoever it is you can spend hours trying to come up with

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Food for Friday – Cranberry Pistachio Cookies


As we make our way through 'cookie' month on Food for Fridays, we're hitting what are, for me, the highlights of flavours for the holiday season. And while technically speaking shortbreads can be eaten at any time of year, they seem to be a critical cookie around this time of year. The joy of the shortbread often lies in its elegant simplicity. However, since we only get to

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Make Gift Giving Pretty – Lovable Labels Gift Seals/Address Labels


Now that we are done with Halloween, Remembrance Day is behind us, everyone is gearing up for the next big holiday… Christmas!!!  We are pretty festive in our house, and go all out for Christmas from cutting down our own tree, lots of decorations, mountains of Christmas baking, presents wrapped in pretty paper and of course sending out Christmas Cards. There is nothing better

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Helping out in Tanzania – Peekaboo Day Care Centres give back #Peekaboointanzania


10 volunteers from Peekaboo Child Care centres are embarking on a trip of a lifetime this month.  They will be traveling to Tanzania to lend their talents and expertise to 2 great organizations.  Helping out with building projects, early childhood education strategies, and providing love and much needed assistance to the children and staff at these centres. Faraja Young Women

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Locals Lounge – Baby Time Show Toronto


With JAM gone for the weekend I decided to take A.C. and venture out to The Baby Time Show in Toronto.  I went to the spring 2010 show when I was pregnant with A.C., and it was fun to go back looking for toddler things this time. The Baby Time Show offers a great line up of speakers and interactive programs - from talking about nutrition, sleep and going green with baby to

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