2011 in Pictures


Jan - 6 months oldFeb - A.C. is NOT a fan of winterMar - Food is serious businessApr - Happy EasterMay - Ahhhh the sun is backJune - Fun at the fairJuly - Turning 1!Aug - A.C. is an excellent eaterSept - Chillin' at the cottageOct - Monkeying around with Grandma and Auntie S.Nov - Helping MommyDec - Merry ChristmasWow it is amazing how quickly children grow up! Wishing you and

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Food for Friday – Holiday Cranberry Cocktail


Well everyone, it's almost the last day of December, nearly the last day of 2011. That makes this post the last "Food for Friday" post of December, and since it happens to fall so close to the last day of 2011 .. I thought a cocktail might be appropriate? On board? I'm not sure I'd call this 'quick and easy' the way I've themed the rest of the posts this month and I'm pretty

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Look what hubby got for christmas


A teenager decided to redecorate the side of hubby's truck  So hubby will be getting a new passenger side to his truck including window and mirror Luckily no one was hurt, but PLEASE remember drive safely and to look behind you before backing up. Both JAM and A.C. were in the truck at the time of the accident, and it makes me sick to think of how this could

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What is your biggest joy in parenting?

I was asked as part of a blogging program what the biggest Joy in Parenting I have found so many highs (and lows) through this journey of motherhood it was difficult to pick just one "Joy", but one of my favorite parts of motherhood has been watch A.C. grow and celebrating each and every milestone he reached from coming off the ventilator to learning to crawl.  I have enjoyed

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Food for Friday — Pea Soup with Ham and Sweet Potatoes


It's December and we're sticking with trying to feed our families something other than pizza, even among all the other errands and parties and things, right? I know I showed you a soup earlier in the month, but it really is such a simple way to get a meal on the table with very little effort on anyone's part. And since I'm also on a deadline and still have plenty of things to

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Bissell Pro Heat 2x Review; Dirty Little Secret!


I have a dirty little secret: when trying to choose a new paint colour for our hallway, I had trouble choosing something that would go with our carpet.. a warm colour to go with the dull shade they are in the high traffic spots, or cool to go with the actual shade the carpet is supposed to be?I don't do a whole lot of cleaning. I like to cook. I like to play with my kids. I do

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WW – Christmas at my house


Christmas exploded at my house last year, the presents took over the living room! (Grandma had LOTS of fun shopping for A.C.) Christmas 2010  Can't wait to see what fun we will have with A.C. this Christmas now that he can get into everything!  And Christmas is not complete without.... Baking!!! Here is a sampling of my 2011 Christmas

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Love/Hate – Christmas Edition


Love: Getting Christmas cards in the mail - nothing is better then receiving mail that is NOT a bill during the holidays Hate:  I still have 1/2 my Christmas cards to send out!  I better get going or they are not going to arrive before Christmas Love: Picking out and decorating our Christmas tree, such a lovely smell to come home to Hate: That the cat eats the needles

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Food for Friday – Frittata


So, as we discussed and in case you hadn't noticed, its December. Everyone is busy and running from one cookie and dip-laden party to the next. I'm going out on a limb this month and instead of posting recipes that you'll find at these fantastic fetes and all over the web at this time of year, I'm trying to help you find some time for yourself by posting recipes that are quick

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Competition is Heating up at the Office


There has been a fierce competition going on in my Department for the last week.  The kind that has people whispering quietly to one another, plotting and strategizing, and pitting coworker against coworker. Things have been a little tense, but we are learning to cope and adapt to this new work environment.  Trying to figure out how to get ahead of the pack and come out on

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Under my Christmas Tree – I See Me! Personalized Story Books


  As you might have noticed in my Under the Christmas Tree Gift Guide, I like giving gifts that are personalized.  As a child I always thought it was neat to see your name on things that you own, so love to buy personalized gifts for the little ones in my life.  When I read about “I See Me!” stories I was immediately excited about the concept. I See Me! Personalized

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