Welcome Ms. Brown to the M&M’s Family! #BrownIsComing


She's here!!! Welcome Ms Brown to the M&M's Family!  After a long journey she is a little jet lagged, but Ms. Brown still managed to put on an great little show live on the M&M's facebook page with Neil Patrick Harris too!  Make sure you keep an eye out when watching the super bowl this weekend, I heard that Ms Brown will be making an appearance.It is wonderful to have another

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Food for Friday — Adding Variety to Your Menu


Welcome to Part III of our menu planning mini-series. I know that we haven't really been at it for too long just yet. In fact, I think there's a rule of thumb about having to do something more than 30 times before it becomes a habit. I'd like to encourage you to keep going, if meal planning is something you've started. I think as you find your groove and hit your stride, it'll

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Ontario Needs #BirthCentres – Help to support @Ontariomidwives


First I will share with you a couple of my opinions on birth in Ontario·      Birth is a natural process and with the right support the vast majority of women can achieve a vaginal delivery·     Women are grossly under supported in having a natural birth in hospitals in Ontario·     Midwifery care offers far superior  care than the traditional OB setting for normal healthy

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#BrownIsComing M&Ms #Sweepstakes


We all have our weaknesses - mine... is ChocolateI will eat it in pretty much any shape or form, but one of my favorites...  is the peanut M&M's Chocolate + peanuts in small delicious bite size pieces = AwesomenessM&M's has a host of fun characters that represent their chocolatesHere is the current M&M's family along with their best attribute: Mr. Red - Genius I.Q and physical

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Kung Hei Fat Choy – Dumplings and #VHSauces!


my eldest baby, back in 2009Special Guest Post from Food For Friday Blogger Rebecca Happy Lunar New Year everyone! I happen to be married to a fine young gentleman of Chinese heritage and we're getting ready to celebrate the New Year. Since my husband's family is mostly far away and he's not big on big fancy celebrations, we mostly keep it tame. Still, over the years, I have

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Smart Loser Week 2 – 500 Calories


Welcome back to week 2 of the Smart Loser – it has been quite a week around Little Miss Kate, but I will tell you a bit about that later. First lets look at what it will take for me to really become a smart loser. For the average person you need to burn 3,500 calories to lose 1 lbs, or burn an extra 500 calories/day to lose 1 lbs per week. But what does an extra 500 calories

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Food for Friday — Meal Planning; This is How We Do It


(Image courtesy of Unclutterer) Well folks, we're at it again. More blogging about meal planning. I thought that it might be instructive if I explained the process that I go through to achieve our meal plan. As I work on it, I try to keep in mind that the whole goal of meal planning for me is to save some money, save some time, and make the transition from getting home to

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How do you know when you ready for #2?


I also always wanted a big family, when I was younger I thought it would be great to have3 or 4 kids.  I was an only child until I was 12 and hated it.  I even went so far to ask for a baby sister on my Christmas list when I was a kid!  Now that I am older and wiser (well older anyways) I am realizing that having a large family is not as simple as it seems for many reasons –

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Naked Nursing Tank Review – Great gift for nursing mothers


You may have heard me complain before about the lack of selection of clothes available for nursing moms.  Here is why:  I have been wearing nursing tops over twice as long as I wore maternity clothes when I was pregnant with A.C.  Now think about where you buy maternity/nursing clothes, maybe you shop at Thyme or Motherhood… Think about the store layout the racks upon racks of

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La Creme Cow Cheese review and #sweepstakes


It has been a busy time around our house over this past week.  With the death of my Grandmother came a flurry of activity including house guests coming to stay on very short notice.  Now one thing my Grandma taught me was how to be a hostess - she hosted the most wonderful family gatherings and there was always enough food to go around.Now I am not quiet the hostess my Grandma

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January Jingles $100 Cash #Sweepstakes


Welcome to the January Jingles Paypal $100 Giveaway hosted by The Knit Wit by Shair and Multi-Testing Mommy. It's a fun little giveaway, meant to put a little jingle back into your post-holiday spending pockets.  Each of the 19 blogs participating has chipped in towards the prize, $100 in cash! Follow any or all of the participating blogs for a shot at having $100

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