Pulled Pork Sandwich Recipe


Hello friends!  I feel like it's been so long since I've chatted with y'all (don't mind me, it's just the pulled pork affecting my accent).  My family is in the the middle of some seriously extensive home renovations right now.  You'd be right to guess that the renos we're doing include a complete gut of our kitchen.  Yikes!  I know, crazy, right?  So far, it hasn't been going

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Healthy Shopper Top Picks for 2012


With Earth day just behind us lots of people have been chatting about making healthier choices for themselves, their families and the environment.  Making healthy and eco-savvy choices is not always easy – the products can be hard to find, or more expensive than their conventional counterparts which is hard when you are on a budget.  The Healthy Shopper recognizes this, and is

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Helping Children Grow – Fun Simple activities for you and your kids


After a long stressful day of work it can be hard to come up with ideas to keep the kids entertained.  It is hard enough to come up with a dinner idea, let alone fun and creative games that will help stimulate their imagination.  Here are a few fun yet simple ideas that are perfect for busy nights or rainy days where there is “nothing to do”. 1 - Wooden Spoons – The

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BlogHer 2012 Sponsorship Opportunity


This year Little Miss Kate would love to attend the BlogHer’12 conference in New York City!  BlogHer is an annual blogging conference that aims to connect influential women, allowing them to connect, learn and inspire.  Professional development for bloggers, if you will.  I had the chance to attend 2 local blog conferences last year that were great opportunities for networking

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Tomato Basil Soup Recipe

Tomato Basil Soup with #AstroGreek Yogourt

I have had the opportunity to over the last couple of weeks to try out some recipes with Astro Greek Yogurt and by far my favorite recipe was Tomato Basil Soup - flavourful, creamy and easy to make this soup was a hit with the whole family. The Tomato Basil Soup was perfect for dinner partnered with a grilled cheese, even A.C. was asking for seconds.Congratulations to Carol

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Finish Quantum is up to the Challenge #FinishRevolution


Dishes... one of my pet peeves.  I will fold laundry any day over having to wash the dishes.  When I lived at home with my parents I was the “Dishwasher” and I HATED it.  I vowed that when I had my own house I would always have a dishwasher, I would have gladly given up cupboard space to not have to wash plates and glasses on a daily basis.  We still hand wash a few select

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Locals Lounge – Spring Baby Time Shows Toronto


This spring the Baby Time Show is coming back to town!  The 14th Annual Spring Baby Time Show promises to be the Ultimate event for Pregnancy, Birth, Baby and Toddler.  Monkey and I attended the Fall Baby time show last November had had a blast checking out all of the vendors and playing in the LEGO DUPLO Play area and the Fisher Price Play Zone. The Baby Time Show runs

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Locals Lounge – Spring Mom to Mom Sales in Ontario


One of my favorite places to go shopping for clothes for A.C. is mom to mom sales - they are normally run like a huge garage sale dedicated to everything baby and kids.  I picked up 2 (like new) winter coats and a pair of snow pants at a fall mom to mom sale for $15, much better then the $40 price tag at stores. A.C. is literally bursting at the seams of some of his winter

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Roasted Red Pepper Lasagna Recipe


Lasagna is one of our favorite meals in our house.  It is one of our "go to" recipes for busy nights or when company is coming over.  You can make it ahead of time so you don't need to spend hours in the kitchen and it goes well with easy to prepare & yummy sides like Caesar salad and garlic bread.However making lasagna in our house always brings up 1 problem - what noodles

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A Hip Look at #ClothDiapers – Changing Diapers Review


Cloth diapering – fun, cute, eco-friendly  Anyone who knows me, knows I love cloth diapering.  We have been using cloth diapers with Monkey since the day we brought him home from the hospital.  I love how cute they are and how they help us reduce our environmental impact.  During our NICU days I spent hours on my laptop reading up on cloth diapering, learning the different

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Take Time to Pause and Enjoy Life #HallmarkPressPause


I am a card kind of girl – special events whether it be birthdays, anniversaries, or other holidays should always be paired with a card.  Cards are a quick and simple way to express your appreciation for someone you care about.  You can just ask my husband how important cards are to me… he didn’t get a card for me for my birthday OR anniversary one year… there may have been

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