Stomp out Carpet Stains withe Stomp ‘N Go from Bissell


Kids, cats, dirt… all disasters waiting to happen on your carpet.  Most people love the warmth and softness that carpet offers, but hate having to scrub out stains when food and drinks get spilled.  Well now there is a product that can help you out in one Stomp! Stomp ‘n Go by Bissell makes removing set in stains a breeze – tear open the package, place the wet pad on the

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Taking my Monkey to The Toronto Zoo


I had the opportunity to take Monkey to “Discover the Hidden Zoo” at The Toronto Zoo a few weekends ago.  The weather was beautiful and all of the animals were out to play, we had a blast.  This was Monkey’s first trip to the Toronto Zoo, but certainly not his last!  We spent the day exploring the park and getting a behind the scenes view of what goes on at the

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Cantaloupe Cooler Smoothie Recipe


When I first stumbled upon this recipe that the creator was calling Cantaloupe cooler - I immediately thought it was something alcoholic (like this) - which it isn't.. but don't you almost wish that it was?  Yes, I've hit that stage of the reno:  the part where coming home to a bottle of wine or maybe some cocktails sounds like the best idea EVER.  Hopefully, you guys aren't

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The Benefits of Summer Camp! #CircleSquare #PioneerCamp


Tick-tock-tick-tock here comes summer holidays, what are your plans for your kids??? An interesting study was released last year, which confirmed my thoughts on summer camp for kids:  Not only is Summer Camp FUN, but it is good for development too! Research conducted by the University of Waterloo look at the summer camp experience of Canadian children focusing on 5 key

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Original Sprout Sunscreen Review from Baby Grins


Summer is coming so that can mean only one thing… Time to break out the Sunscreen! It is so important to protect your child’s skin from harmful UV Rays, even one bad sunburn can increase their risk of developing skin cancer. When looking for a sunscreen for Monkey I wanted something that would protect his skin, is made from natural ingredients (I will pass on the toxins

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Very Happy Birthday – I See Me Personalized Story Books


Monkey's birthday is still over a month away but there is one gift that I can't wait to give him.  Reading is one of Monkey's favorite activities, we have a box of books in our living room and he will sit on the couch with you only getting up to retrieve the next book he wants to be read to him.  That is why I was so excited when asked to review "Very Happy Birthday!" Book from

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Spring Cleaning & Smelling Fresh with Lysol #HealthyFamilies


This is one of my favorite times of year, Spring is in the air.  I love the emergence of warm Spring days, the renewal of energy that comes with the sun shining down. It also means… Time for Spring Cleaning!  Putting away the winter coats and boots, making room for sandals and runners.  One of our big springtime projects this year was cleaning out our sun room.  It had become a

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Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie Recipe


Wow - what a week.  I'm seriously exhausted.  The little things that tend to pop-up when renovations are happening all decided to pop up at once and one thing lead to another and now it's starting to look like we might be about 2 weeks behind schedule.  This is bad for a couple of reasons:  1) 2 weeks behind schedule means that after 4 weeks of living with/in the reno, we've

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Finish Quantum = Clean Dishes = Happy Mommy #FinishRevolution

Finish Quantum

As part of the Finish Revolution I was to take part in a Dish washing 101 webinar giving by Dishwasher expert Diane Hoffmann.  As someone who uses a dishwasher on a regular basis (remind me how we lived without one before???) I was still able to pick up some great tips to make sure that my dish washer is working in top shape every time we run it. Here are some of my

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Dads Deserve to be Healthy with Adult Essentials Vitamins


The men in our lives deserve to be as healthy as they can be, but it is easy to forget to take vitamins in our busy everyday lives.  Adult Essentials can helps make it easy to do that! What man doesn't love a good tasting gummy every once in a while, after all, men are just kids in a mans body, right?!? Adult Essentials taste so yummy that they are hard to turn down, in fact,

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Dry Spice Rub for Ribs Recipe


Apologies to everyone for this post that's a little light on photos and a little light on words.  Luckily, what it isn't a little light on is flavour.  As you've undoubtedly read, we're currently undergoing some kitchen renovations.  We've been doing as best we can with what we have on hand and what we happen to have kept on hand is this spice rub.   I was lucky enough to

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