Who would you nominate as Mom of the Year? #MOTY


I believe you can never truly appreciate everything your mother has done for you, until you become a mother yourself.  Without experiencing the deep unrelenting love a mother has for her child and unwavering commitment moms have to provide for their family you just cannot completely grasp all of the time, effort and sacrifices you mother made for you.  Before I became a mother

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Time to get your JELL-Oh Face on! #JELLOhFace


As a kid it was always a special treat when we got to make JELL-O, what child doesn’t love the giggly goodness that JELL-O offers.  But the line of JELL-O products offered by Kraft Canada doesn’t end there, they also have JELL-O Pudding, JELL-O mouse, and JELLO- Ready to Eat Snacks.  And there are so many ways to use JELL-O in recipes, won’t your kids be impressed when mom

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ShesConnected – a place for learning & laughs #SCCTO


Everyone knows what it is like to feel like the “New Kid on the Block” as some point in their life.  For me I was the Newbie on the Blogging Block last year.  I had been selected to go to the ShesConnected Conference being held in Toronto in October 2011.  I was so excited, but so scared!!!  I had not met a single person who was going, and had no idea what to expect.  Well it

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Lets Celebrate Canada Day! #TGCBB


This post is part of The Great Canadian Blog Bash - so be sure to check out some other wonderful Canadian Blogs!Well Canada Day is right around the corner, hard to believe we will be into July in just 1 week! One thing that Canada Day always reminds me of is how much amazing talent we have right in out own backyard.  And I am not just talking about musicians or actors (although

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Learning how to Drop the Worry Ball and Parent More Effectively


One of my biggest fears about becoming a parent was knowing HOW to parent?  How do you make sure you do a good job and raise independent, strong and successful children?  How do you foster their growth to teach them compassion and empathy?  Kids don’t come with an instruction manual, and it can be tricky to find the right balance of supervision & control vs freedom &

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Special K Cracker Chips – Get your Snack On!


Love chips but don’t love the calorie count that comes with them???  Well Special K has something just for you.  Special K Cracker Chips are a great alternative to fried greasy chips – you still get to have a flavourful crunchy snack with no trans-fat and only 80 calories for 18 chips. Made from a blend of potato and rice they come in 3 great flavours: Original, Cheddar,

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Strawberry Rhubarb Loaf Recipe


One thing I LOVE about the arrival of spring & summer is the harvest season for fresh fruits & veggies. Rhubarb is always one of the first to be ready to be picked, but up until this year the rhubarb in our back yard had gone to waste.  I never knew what to do with it, so we would just let the plant to go seed. I was determined to actually make something out of our

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Fact: Toddlers are dirty #HealthyFamilies


Monkey is in prime toddler discovery mode.  He is fully mobile, able to climb and reach for things (he shouldn’t have), and wants to get into EVERYTHING.  All of which is wonderful for his sense of independence and learning about the world around him.  BUT… toddlers are dirty.  Even after you give them a bath they can’t seem to stay clean for longer than 5 minutes

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Celebrating Graduations with Hallmark #HallmarkPressPause


You know it is June when you start to hear "The Graduation Song" you know the one from Vitamin C on the radio (again and again and again).   And so we talked all night about the rest of our lives  Where we're gonna be when we turn 25 I keep thinking times will never change Keep on thinking things will always be the same But when we leave this year we won't be coming

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Summer Camps in Canada #CircleSquare #PioneerCamp


Can you believe it is mid June ALREADY!  How did that happen?!?  The talk on my train commute into work has been focused on “So what are you doing with the kids this summer?” over the last few days before school ends come to a close and parents scramble to entertain their children over the summer holidays. Well if you haven’t looked into it yet, now is the time to

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