Food for Friday – Guacamole


As we're only 1 month in, I'm still in 'back-to-school' mode and frankly, I've started running out of ideas for snack.  In an attempt to keep me and my dear Junior Kindergartner interested in snack time, I bought this fun 2-compartment container by Sistema and have been loading her up on two-part snacks:  yogurt and (nut free) granola, cheese and crackers, apples and more

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Dora the Explorer and Dora Digital Story Book – Product Review


Come on Vamonos!  Everybody, let's go! My eldest daughter is a HUGE Dora The Explorer fan.  I’m pretty sure we’ve seen every episode that Netflix carries at least 3 times.  The favourite episodes have, of course, been viewed many more times than that.  If you're new to toddler tv, you can find out more about the show on the Nickelodeon site here.  She’s been starting to

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Walmart’s Mom of the Year Finalist deserve a little “Me time” #MOTY


In the spring I introduced you to the Wal-Mart Mom of the Year Contest which aimed to recognize the contributions mothers make, both big and small, every day across Canada.  I am proud to say that over 16,000 amazing mothers were nominated for this award, you can find all of their stories here.  Out of this outstanding group, 8 finalists were selected – each will receive

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Is Your Kid a Kid Who Touches Everything? #HealthyFamilies


As September winds down (can you believe it???) you can really feel that Fall is in the air…  Kids are back to school, and hopefully getting settled into a new routine, leaves are falling and there is a chill in the air.  You know what else that it means???  Cold and flu season is just around the corner! Last winter was a tough one around our house, it was A.C.’s first

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Everyone could use a little extra Ca$h this fall!


With Christmas coming up just around the corner (yes Costco has all of there Christmas gear out already!) a little extra cash could come in handy.  A great group of Canadian bloggers have come together to offer you a fantastic prize. Enter the Rafflecopter form below to win $120 CASH USD via paypal.Thank you to our hosts Tales of a Ranting Ginger and This Lil' Piglet Good luck

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Second Peek Maternity Boutique – A great place to buy & sell maternity clothes


One of the tricky parts of pregnancy is having to come up with a whole new wardrobe in a short time (without breaking the bank!), and then figuring out what to do with the clothes AFTER you have the baby.  If you are planning on having more then you pack them away in your basement until the next time.  But what about once your family is complete?  Second Peek Maternity Boutique

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“O” Babies grow up way too fast #FirstCheerios


One thing A.C. has always done well is EAT– from his NICU days of gaining 2 lbs in 5 weeks to now where many nights A.C. and I will eat the same amount for dinner. From the early days of finger foods I loved watching his determination as he tried to pick up Cheerios and actually get them into his mouth.  That proud smile of success as he was happily gumming away at them.  It is

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Food for Friday – Cheddar Corn bread Muffins


I've been on a bit of a quest this week.  The oldest of my girls just started JK and is taking snack to school.  A lunch bag was requested and a fancy snack container.  So were treats and candy.  The first two, I was happy to oblige but candy for snack at school is where I draw the line.  Doesn't she know I that I blog about food??!!  Doesn't she know I have a reputation to

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Support Literacy In Canada – Adopt a School with Indigo’s help


Reading, one of our favorite pass times in the Little Miss Kate household. I am so happy that A.C. loves to sit and read book after book, always bringing “another one” over to the couch to read.  I am hoping as he grows he continues to develop a passion for reading on his own, as there is nothing better than relaxing with good book after a stressful day. It is sad to know that

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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Tic Tac is going PINK!


Think of your 8 closest girl friends – now think about how you would feel if one of them or you heard the diagnosis Breast Cancer. Well in Canada that is exactly what happens every day 1 in 9 women will be diagnosed with Breast Cancer in their lifetime. In my "day job" (you know the times I actually get dressed into business wear and try to keep sticky toddler hands off my

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What are you Kraving today??? #kelloggers


Before heading on my trip to New York City I made sure to make a trip to the grocery store to pick up some snacks for while I was travelling – Nothing worse than a hungry pregnant lady.  I browsed the granola bars and the Kelloggs Special K Crisps caught my eye.  They looked yummy, and like they would travel well in my purse.  I was not disappointed!  The crisps come in 2

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