Homemade Meatballs Recipe

Meatballs Recipe

Well, hello! It took me a little bit longer than promised to get my meatballs recipe up.  Sorry about that!  It’s really sad that it took so long because really, the recipe isn’t mine, it’s from Faith Durand.  I mostly just wanted to share it with you and to share my modifications.  You’d think it wouldn’t be so hard to post about that!  Since today seems to be the right kind

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Lunchmate + Fruit to the Rescue!


Things have been a little busy around the Little Miss Kate household these days.  With the arrival of Little Bear followed quickly by a nasty cold making its way through all members of the household, cooking was not always top priority.  Luckily Lunchmate + Fruit came to my rescue when I was not up to the challenge of making a meal for Monkey. As much as I love the mini

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Holiday Traditions – Christmas Outfits and Sears Portrait Studio

sears portrait studio cards

The holiday season is full of family traditions in our house.  Christmas baking with my mom, making tourtiere for Christmas Eve dinner, and of course picking out the perfect Christmas outfit to wear on Christmas day.  As a child I remember the fun and excitement of browsing through the Christmas wish book looking at all the dresses they had available and then heading to the

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A Birthday Wish

Baby in cloth diaper

It happens every year right around this time... My Birthday!  This year it is a "big one"... 30!!! I only have 1 birthday wish on my list this year.  I don't ask for favours very often, so even this is hard for me to do... Please take a moment to vote for me and Little Bear (Katie A) in the Snuggle Bugz Baby Store Contest.  The prize is something I am very

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Breaking out the Cold Fighting Tool Kit #HealthyFamilies

Cold fighting tool kit lysol

And so it begins…  Little Bear was barely a week old when I got the call from daycare… Monkey was not feeling well I would need to come pick him up.  I knew we would be battling colds this winter but I had been hoping we could hold off on sickness in our house until Little Bear was a month old.  But toddlers are germy little creatures and sure enough Monkey had picked up a

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A Joy to Share KINDER Surprise & Children’s Miracle Network #kindermom

Joy to share KINDER

Tis the season of giving! We have officially "adopted" our family for Christmas and I can't wait to start shopping for them.  I am looking forward to teaching both Monkey and Little Bear about the importance if giving back.  This year Monkey will be able to participate more in both helping pick out toys and clothes for the children, but also in the wrapping and giving away. 

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Holiday Entertaining Made Easy with Eudora’s Fine Foods

Eudoras fine foods logo

Christmas is such a busy time - shopping, decorating, wrapping, visiting, and oh entertaining. Finding recipes that are delicious but won't have your locked away in the kitchen while your guests are over can be tricky.  With Eudora's Fine Foods they have made entertaining easy!  From appetizers to main dishes their sauces and chutneys make serving a mouth-watering spread fast

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Healthy Shopper Fall 2012 Picks – Making healthy lifestyle choices

A special guest post from a friend and fellow blogger Serena from Bewildered Bug A little while ago I received a huge box of products, courtesy of Kate, from Healthy Shopper. I was amazed at the amount of products that were made available to me to try, because I truly was expecting only a few products, and even then, I assumed that I would only be able to use only one or two

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Giving the Gift of Peace of Mind – CAA Membership #CAASCO

CAA Membership Gift

Some people are so easy to shop for when it comes to picking out a Christmas present, than there are the "others".  You know the "have everything, don't really need anything, go shopping for themselves steal your gift idea right before Christmas" people. I have a few of "Those" people on my list this year, and luckily there is a go to gift that is perfect for almost any adult

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Food for Friday – Tomato Sauce with Onion and Butter

Basic Tomato Sauce

Today is a big day for me and I'm totally excited.  I'll be attending my very first cookbook book tour event!!  Are you maybe slightly less excited than me?  What if I tell you who's book it is - it's the first ever Smitten Kitchen cookbook and I'll be hanging out with the lovely Deb Perelman herself.  So, ok, maybe it's less exciting than Katie's big event, but I'm still

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Getting out with the kids at @Boston_Pizza #BPKidsProgram

Boston Pizza logo

As a family we treat ourselves to 1 or 2 dinners out a month.  It can be hard finding a restaurant that is family friendly, offers a wide selection of menu options for both kids & adults, and won't break your budget.  I recently had the opportunity to join PTPA at Boston Pizza to test out their new Kids menu, and wow was I ever impressed! The newly redesigned kids

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