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First I will share with you a couple of my opinions on birth in Ontario
·      Birth is a natural process and with the right support the vast majority of women can achieve a vaginal delivery
·     Women are grossly under supported in having a natural birth in hospitals in Ontario
·     Midwifery care offers far superior  care than the traditional OB setting for normal healthy births
·     Having the option of birth centres in Ontario will increase the support for normal healthy births, lower the intervention rate and reduce health care costs
Here are some factsyou might find interesting
·     Birth is the leading reason for hospitalization of women in Ontario yet there is NO MEDICAL REASON to be hospitalized for a healthy normal labour and birth.
·     The World Health Organization states a c-section rate of 15% is considered normal, in Ontario we are almost DOUBLE that
·     The rate of c-sections for women under midwifery care is half the provincial average of doctors
·     An increase in the rate of c-sections has been linked to POORER outcomes
·     A 2010 study showed that babies of women who intended to deliver at a birth centre were less likely to be admitted to the NICU when compared to low-risk women who delivered at the hospital
·     Birth Centres cost substantially LESS to run than a hospital based low-risk centre, and can also be used as a clinics to provide routine primary care
·     In 2010 approximately 13,000 women in Ontario had a midwife, approximately 40% of women who want midwife care are unable to access it
All references can be found here

Why we NEED Birth Centres in Ontario
·     Birth Centres will SAVE Ontario money
·     Offer optimized care for NORMAL births
·     The Safety of Birth Centres has been well established throughout the world and even other provinces in Canada
·     Ontario is home to 75 midwifery clinics with highly trained staff who are ready to offer this amazing service to mothers across Ontario
Investing in midwifery-led birth centres is an investment in excellent, evidence-based and cost-effective care that supports normal birth
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  1. says

    I wish there were more birth centers in Ontario – and more midwives!
    I am one who wanted a midwife the first time around, but because he was a summer baby, there were vacations to think about and not enough midwives…

    plus, you know me, I can say enough about the midwife who delivered L – especially considering that L's middle name is the midwife's name!!

  2. says

    i totally agree! I used a midwife the first time(and she was at the birth w me even though i was high-risk!!LOVE!)

    but because i was high-risk 2nd time i couldn't use :(

    My birthing experiences were kinda sucky because both times, there wasn't room until last minute, etc etc..i sure didn't feel cared about at the hospital!!

  3. Katrina Brady says

    Birth is a natural process. There really should be birth centres nationwide so free up hospital space in all cities for more urgent care!

  4. says

    I was so fortunate to have the same lovely midwife for all three of my pregnancies, it was such a great experience! I saw how impersonal and rushed visits were with the gynocologist and knew instantly that the warmth and caring from my midwife the moment I met her was the way to go! and good thing we chose this route, my labours were so quick we would have ended up calling an ambulance and giving birth in the back of it on the highway. NOT how I would want to have that moment in my life. My midwife rushed to my home and we delivered safely in my own bedroom. Saved me the trauma and the province the money!!!

  5. says

    I'm due to give birth in about two months and am planning a home birth. I totally support birth centres.

    I sent an email before I entered your giveaway and realized I used a different email address for the email I sent regarding birth centres. (I used jenniferlehman at rogers dot com).
    jentam777 at gmail dot com

  6. Anonymous says

    I used midwives for both of my pregnancies. My DH was too nervous for a home birth so off to the hospital we went for DD1 and spent a total of 3.5 hours at the hospital but the government paid for a full day hospital stay for me.
    For DD2, she was going to be a hospital birth as well only she had other plans and arrived after 45 minutes of labour from start to finish at home – on the front lawn no less – with the EMS. The EMS's first delivery and they carted us off to the hospital in 2 ambulances no less even though I wanted to wait for the midwives to arrive at my house. So that day the EMS & the 3 hour hospital stay were on the tax tab.
    Birth centres would have avoided the tax dollars being spent unnecessarily.

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