The Breastfeeding vs. Facebook Debate


If you guys aren’t tired of hearing more of the debate between breastfeeding Moms and pro-breastfeeding activists vs. Facebook then I have something for you! Yesterday morning, one of my favorite local celebrities, Jian Gomeshi, tackled the topic on his
CBC radio show “Q”.

Jian interviewed Emma Kwasnica, the mother-of-three who is leading the campaign against Facebook. You can read all about it, here on the Q website. On that page, you’ll also find the full interview, should you want to listen to it. You could even join the debate in the comments as a few others have done.

If you find that you’re interested in the topic, definitely check out this interview. It’s excellent! And if you find that you enjoyed listening to my boy Jian, you can find him on CBC 1 at 10am EST, on the Q website, in select American cities via PRI , or subscribe to the podcast on iTunes.

Let me know in the comments what you think about the whole debate or what you thought of the show if you’ve heard it.

(Not so legal disclaimer: If you haven’t guessed yet, I listen to Q every morning, thanks to streaming via my office computer. It’s one of the better parts of the day, to be honest. I’ve even been known to get a little on the cranky side if I’m scheduled for some kind of out of office task or meeting between 10 and 11 am.)

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