WW – Meeting Tracy from Cityline at #Mompreneurs2013

Tracy Cityline

I had a chance to meet Tracy Moore from Cityline a couple of weeks ago at the Mompreneurs Conference, as she was the keynote speaker.

WOW, what a down to earth, funny and  friendly mama, who even offered to hold Little Bear while I was eating my lunch!  Can’t wait to go see a taping of Cityline in April!

Tracy Cityline


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    Oh how neat!! She really does look like such a wonderful and down to earth person. Glad to hear she really is in real life! :) How nice of her to offer to hold your little one too so you could eat!! So sweet :)

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    OMG that is amazing she offered to take him while you ate! I love that she offered to do that. I always find that is such a kind thing to do.

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    I love her! She really does come across as sincere and down to earth on CityLine – so glad to hear that she is that way in person too! I SO wish that I could go to that taping in April – too early for me to get there though :(

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