A Hip Look at #ClothDiapers – Changing Diapers Review

Cloth diapering – fun, cute, eco-friendly 
Anyone who knows me, knows I love cloth diapering.  We have been using cloth diapers with Monkey since the day we brought him home from the hospital.  I love how cute they are and how they help us reduce our environmental impact.  During our NICU days I spent hours on my laptop reading up on cloth diapering, learning the different brands and “window shopping”.
When starting out, the world of cloth diapering can be a little intimidating.  Navigating the different styles and brands available can be difficult.  And all of the jargon… AIO’s, pockets, fitteds… where do you even start?  KellyWels recognized that the world of cloth diapering can be complex at the beginning and put together a great cloth diaper 101 book titled ChangingDiapers: The Hip Mom’s Guide to Modern Cloth Diapering.

Now you may ask what is Modern about cloth diapering?  Well you are not limited to safety pins and plastic pants anymore!  Now you have Velcro & snaps, an array of styles to make cloth diapering as easy as disposables, and don’t even get me starting on the variety of adorable prints that are available.  Changing diapers offers a wealth of information on cloth diapers to help you navigate through all of this new information including sections on:
  • Why Choose Cloth Diapers
  • The “Basics” for all ages and stages
  • The Back-to-Work/Daycare Dilemma (not really a dilemma in my books, we cloth diaper A.C. at daycare with no issues)
  • Daddies & Diapers (again no issues here, hubby can wash, stuff and change diapers just the same as me)
  • Wash Routines
  • Have multiples?  This book even has a section on how to cloth diaper multiples!

And if you are left with any lingering questions (or just want to do more reading on the topic), there are tons of resources and websites listed where you can go get more information.

This book is perfect for the family who is on the fence about cloth diapering or starting out in the “fluffy” world.  It would make a great baby shower gift paired with a cloth diaper to help start off the mom’s stash.  Now on sale for $11.98 the price is right too!

Changing Diapers pulls together all of the essential information into one easy to read book, filled with adorable pictures of babies in cloth diapers.  It is also a great way to explain cloth diapering to family members or day care providers who are not familiar with cloth diapering or need a refresher (cloth diapering has come a LONG way in 20 years!)
You can enter to WIN a FuzziBunz One-size Diaper to help build your own stash!



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    I like cloth diapering for many reasons. Every time I change a cloth diaper I like knowing that there is one less disposable going into a landfill.

  2. says

    Even as a grandmother I bought the cutest cloth diapers.I have shown my son and his wife how much money they are saving. They are into keeping the world green so saving and helping out the environment. The only time they have to get disposable diapers is most sitters and daycare's refuse cloth diapers.

  3. says

    I love my cloth diapers! I really like that I haven't had to keep filling our landfills with diapers that are never going to decompose. And I really like the savings…I don't pay for my water so all I have to buy is laundry detergent. bekki1820cb at gmail dot com

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    I love how cute the cloth diapers look and the fun prints and colours. I chose to go cloth for environmental reasons as well as to not expose my daughter to some of the nasty chemicals in conventional diapers.

  5. says

    I love everything about cloth diapering, it's great for the environment, it's great for my baby, it's great for my wallet, and they are so cute!!!

  6. says

    I love cloth diapering because it keeps the chemicals from disposables away from my baby's bum. Now I'm addicted to the cuteness.. and money savings is my “selling” feature.

  7. says

    I like it for a combination of things — the cost and environmental factors are great, but so is the cute fluffy bum :) ngiraldi at gmaild ot com

  8. says

    not only is it better for the environment and the bank account in the long run, its better for baby's bum. less diaper rashes, less reaction.

    andrea_hockeygirl at hotmail dot com

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    Saving money, without cloth diapers, we would have a really hard time, it's already touch and go juggling bills, adding diapers and formula to the mix would be the breaking point

  10. says

    I originally started cloth diapering because disposables were so expensive…but now I do it because I know what's touching my baby's skin, and of course how cute she is!

  11. Laura says

    My son ended up with a severe diaper rash when he was a newborn that left his skin blistered and bleeding :( I switched him to cloth and haven't had any issues since, other than him growing out of the diapers too quickly!! Time to switch to a one-size! :)

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    We cloth diaper for baby's health and for the environment. It would also be great for my wallet if I could just stop falling in love with cute prints all the time 😉

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    I don't cloth diaper yet because I am still TTC, but I love the idea and have been doing tons of research. I have friends that cloth diapered years ago, and they had a tougher time because there weren't as many cloth diaper companies, or blogs, or websites in general. I love how popular cloth diapering has become, and how much easier it will be for me when I actually need to diaper.

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    I love never having to run and by diapers because I've run out. I like knowing I'm doing something for the environment and something that's healthy for my baby.

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    I like all of the benefits but to be honest my favorite benefit is saving money. Especially when you CD more than one child with the same diapers :)

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    I used cloth diapers for all three of my children many years ago and my daughter is now using them on her daughter. I found it convenient and cost efficient. The initial investment is a bit steep, but overall it is cheaper. Most importantly, the impact on the environment is minimal by comparison with disposable diapers. There are some biodegradable brands, but for the most part we are throwing toxic waste in the landfill with them.

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