Lovable Labels Camp Pack Review


Hi Everybody! It’s Rebecca – your regular “Food for Friday” contributor. Kate’s giving me a chance to step out of the kitchen for a little bit and review a product that we desperately needed at our house – Lovable Labels.

I’ve already got one kiddo in daycare and one will be starting in a few months. Our daycare doesn’t require us to label all of the kids’ things but it certainly does help things out a whole lot. In a previous life, I spent quite a few years in a chemistry lab and have been in the habit of using indelible marker on EVERYTHING. Not only is this actually a giant pain in the hind parts, but the marker didn’t even stay put! I was entirely disappointed. For a while, I just gave up labeling stuff all together. Then, a few weeks ago, wouldn’t you know, I look through my daughter’s backpack and inside I find her silver sparkle shoes.. except that her silver sparkle shoes are also in the front closet. Sunovagun! It took 3 days to figure out which shoes were hers and who the other pair belonged to (3 little girls in her daycare have the same silver shoes).

Ok, so clearly we needed labels and the whole idea of them is just absolutely brilliant. But what about Lovable Labels? Well, they offered me one of their Ultimate Camp Packs to review and my very first experience with them was through their website (good site) and choosing my style (super fun and lots of choices). I love the styles and colours they offer! Have you seen them, yet? You can check it all out here. They’re so cute!

When the pack arrived I was very impressed, there were so many labels! I mean, I know that it tells you how many are in the pack right there on the website (more than 150) but seriously, it seems like even more in person. In true blogger style, I immediately started taking photos of everything. I put a stickers on stuffies, on blankies, on water bottles and canvas shoes. I put tags on bags. More photos. Then, I put all the items through the wash. The water bottle went through the dishwasher and the other items went through the washing machine. Everything was washed, even the shoes. Lovable-labels-review
I didn’t show them in the photos here, but labels that were affixed to clothing labels or stuffies on their labels (recommended use of the clothing dots), did make it through the laundry without any trouble. The label on the water bottles stuck without any trouble at all in the dishwasher – as promised.  Sadly, some of the stickers didn’t make it through the laundry. The shoe label came off and so did the label that I’d put on my daughter’s daycare blankie. Both of these were not recommended uses of Lovable Labels but I wanted to give it a try anyway.

Lovable-labels-reviewOf course, as soon as my preschooler saw me putting stickers all over things, she wanted to get in on the action too. She’s the sticker queen. We labeled a few more items around the house. It’s been a couple of weeks and everything is still stuck – even inside her silver sparkle shoes, which she wears every day. Sometimes she can be a bit picky about how things look but she definitely liked Lovable Labels, insisting that one of her stuffies “looks much more beautiful” with his label.

I think it’s time for me to order another pack for my youngest daughter and while I’m at it, I might just stock up on some bin labels and crafty Mom labels too. Thanks Kate and Lovable Labels for the chance to try-out such a great product! While I think Kate is an extremely generous gal, I think her motivation in this instance, was mostly of pity: Kate’s known me long enough to know that I’m constantly losing track of things and knows that my kids seem to have inherited this trait. FYI – just because you put a label on it, doesn’t mean you won’t lose it under the couch. Just ask me how I know!



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