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Review provided by Food For Friday Blogger, Rebecca
Zin Frames is company, that I’m proud to say is Canadian, and they asked us to take a look at their customized picture frames. Can I say that I jumped at the chance? I sure did! You see, I have two girls who are currently sleeping and hanging out in a bedroom that even on the best days could be described as ‘unfinished’. See that photo there. Uh huh. Decor and design isn’t exactly my specialty. I spend far too much time in the kitchen and at the grocery store, clearly. But, what can I say, I strive for a better room for my girls.

As soon as I scanned their website, I could see that Zin Frames offered some excellent design options. There are really quite a lot of options to choose from in these handcrafted frames and SO MANY COLOURS! I ordered 3 of the Isabella, 4×6 frames in “Big Sea”. When the frames arrived they looked just exactly as I expected. The frames are sturdy and solid and you can feel that they’re really well made. The colour was perfect.

What I found that I really loved were the finer details – the little things that make these frames standout from the crowd. The cushion feet on each corner not only keep your wall safe from rubs and scratches but actually help keep the frame still on the wall (have you ever noticed how some frames kind of wobble on their nail – not these!). The hanging hooks are solid. Oh – and the best part – those carved out (drilled out) circles in each corner of the back piece. Good grief, how many times I’ve nearly killed my fingers or threatened my sanity trying to get those back pieces off of other frames. Zin frames has solved the problem entirely! Last but not least, the fact that Zin Frames is based out of Vancouver Island, in British Columbia – just like my in-laws – somehow endears me to the company even more.

Well, I’d hoped that I’d be able to show you a lovely photo of the girls’ room completely tidied up and the frames in place. Sadly, Zin frames does not provide frame installation services! As world class procrastinators it could be a little while before that happens. I promise to post an “After” shot just as soon as we get them hung. Regardless of where they are in the house, though (right now in the dining room perched on the mantle), Zin frames really look great.

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  1. Brandy says

    Isabella in green apple or blue sea would be nice for my nursery – I plan to frame some of my older's son's (he's 3) artwork fpr the new baby's room.

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