I am going to be a Smart Loser – Week 1


Many people battle weight issues, and I am no exception to that.  My weight has been slowly creeping up as I got older.  Not huge jumps, but 2lbs here, 5 lbs there.  Baby steps up, up, up, up

In the spring of 2011 a fellow blogger was running a weight loss challenge, where the prize was… Cloth Diapers!!!  Now you know how much I love cloth diapers, and I had the last 5lbs of baby weight to loss so I signed up.  It was great having a group of motivated like minded moms all working towards a common goal.  Through eating a healthy diet, breastfeeding and exercise the weight came off, and I even “won” second place in the challenge!  By the time August rolled around I was at a weight that I had not seen in years.  My pants were loose, I actually had to buy new clothes for the office as my old ones were too big.
These pants do not fit me anymore!  But the will soon
Then I went back to work… I could only get to the gym once a week, A.C. was nursing less, we were busier and not eating as well, plus there was the draw of pastries and muffins in the office kitchen.  Oh and then there were all of the birthday and Christmas holiday celebrations.  And slowly my weight started to creep back up, up, up, up…
The damage – up 12lbs!  The pants that I bought went I went back to work in August are now too tight, the ones that were too large now fit again  :/
So when my co-worker asked if I would be interested in joining the 12 week “Smartest Loser” Challenge that our Health & Wellness Center is offering I thought that it would be a great way to jump start my healthy eating habits again and get back to the gym.  (plus there are prizes as well, including an ipad to help keep us motivated)
This program will focus on lifestyle changes for overall health and wellness.  I am going to lay it all out there, and share my progress with you during this challenge.  So what I am starting with, well here are my numbers:
Weight: 152lbs
BMI: 27.8
Waist: 37 inches
My Goals:
To get rid of those 12 lbs I gained since August, and hopefully more
To fit back into the “new” pants I bought for work
To eat more fruits and veggies as part of a healthy diet (I love my grains…)

I look forward to sharing what I learn as part of the challenge and my progress with you over the next 12 weeks!
Are you making any lifestyle changes for the better?


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    Oh good luck! This sounds like a great program. I so know how that weight creeps up and up and up. Sneaky little thing! I hate to refer to myself as a yo-yo weight person but that is me. I try something new, go down, then go back up, get depressed about it then go back down…and so on.
    Looking fwd to following along!

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