Kit Kat Canada Day Cake Recipe

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Looking for a Canada Day Cake that is not all about strawberries?  Well this Kit Kat cake is for you!  After seeing the the two beautiful cakes that Mom vs the Boys made here and here I was inspired to try my own version of the Kit Kat Cake, just in time for Canada Day!Kit Kat canada day cake 6

This cake is easy to make and sure to impress all of your guests!  You will never look at boxed cake mix the same again!  And this 9″ cake goes a long way – cutting between ever 2 Kit Kat sticks was the perfect serving size and yielded 20 pieces of cake.chocolate canada day cake

To create the Canadian Flag motif on the top of the cake I used waxed paper to block off the 3/4 of the cake and leave the sides exposed to cover with red sprinkles.  Then I used a maple leaf cookie cutter that I picked up from the bulk barn and placed it in the center of the cake and filled it with sprinkles to create the perfect maple leaf.

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Kit Kat Canada Day Cake Recipe
  • 2 - 9" round Cakes, any flavour - I used boxed vanilla cake mix
  • 1 tub - Butter Cream Icing
  • 11 - Kit Kat Bars
  • Red Sprinkles
  • Red Ribbon
  1. Prepare cake as directed into 2 - 9" pans, bake and allow to cool completely
  2. Spread icing over bottom cake and layer the second cake on top
  3. Continue to ice generously all over, making sure the sides have a good layer of icing as well.
  4. Decorate the top of the cake with sprinkles to look like a Canadian Flag. I used a cookie cutter to create the maple leaf in the middle.
  5. Break Kit Kat bars in half to separate into groups of 2 sticks.
  6. Gently place the Kit Kat bars around the cake and push into the icing.
  7. Tie a ribbon around the outside of the cake to hold the Kit Kat bars in place.

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As much as I love strawberries, the chocoholic in me loves this cake more! This delicious Kit Kat Canada Day Cake will be the talk of your party! 

Happy Canada Day!


  1. says

    Oh my, that is such a super cute idea! I’ve used kit kats for my cakes before and they totally rock in the presentation department, such a fantastic idea!

  2. says

    Canada Day always sneaks up on me which is weird because my daughter’s birthday is the day after. Yikes! Now I am reminded that I need to do more planning for that. This would make a nice birthday cake for her too I think. My little one likes Kit Kats a lot. It’s her favourite chocolate bar.

  3. Tara Gauthier says

    I just made one of this kit kat cakes with reeses pieces on top for my husbands birthday tomorrow! I love how versatile it is, being used for everything from Birthdays to Baby Showers and of course Canada Day!

  4. Judy C says

    I made an Easter version of the cake, but I love the Canada Day idea. Will have to remember this for next year

  5. says

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    Thank you!

  6. Ann Bacciaglia says

    Love this! What a great cake to share with family on Canada Day. This is on my must make list!


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