Smart Loser Week 6 – Healthy Snacks

Moms (and Dads) are busy people.  We are always running to pick someone up, drop someone off, get the chores done and trying to keep the house in working order. Planning ahead for healthy meals can get pushed to the back burner, and then you realized you and the kids are hungry… NOW.  So what are some quick easy healthy snacks that you can come up with on a moments notice?
Rather than reaching for the unhealthy snacks like cookies or chips, or heading out the door for fast food – why not grab a healthy snack to help curb your hunger. Here are some ideas:
  • Low fat cheese wedges – I love the La Crème Cowspreadable cheese, they taste great and are easy to spread on everything from crackers to toast
  • Fruit – when you are grocery shopping pick up some berries or bananas to have around the house, don’t worry about having too many, if you haven’t used them up toss them in the freezer just before they go bad to be used in baking muffins or pancakes
  • Peanut butter and Banana roll up on a whole wheat tortilla
  • Trail Mix – Nuts and dried fruit mixed with a whole grain cereal (like multigrain cheerios)
  • Hummus – easy to make and goes great with baby carrots or whole wheat pita
  • Oatmeal – Pick up a box of plain instant oatmeal and top with almonds or berries, if you need a little sweetness add a little honey or brown sugar
We are now half way through the smartest loser challenge at work.  And I am happy to stay after a slow start I am now seeing some results!  The pants that were falling down on me last August are starting to feel loose again, and the scale says I am down 5 lbs!  I am super excited about this progress, and hope it will help keep me motivated for next 6 weeks.
What are you favourite quick healthy snacks?  How do you fit in healthy choices into your hectic schedule?


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    That is so awesome! Congrats on doing such a great job! :)

    Healthy snacks for a busy schedule? Lots of fresh fruits and veg cut up and ready to go. My hubby loves raw veggies, so usually if I have them all washed, cut up and ready, we all grab on the go. I always carry stainless steel containers with fruit (cut up grapes and berries or orange segments). Our little one loves them. Like MTM, I also do the hummus for whole wheat pita chips or even just for dipping veg!

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    Hummus is a favorite of mine. i first had it when I was sixteen. My sisters husband is Armenian and his sister lived with them and did all the cooking. Wonderful. I make it myself when I can or I buy summerfresh. Good post, nice healthy snacks

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    I think cheese qualifies as healthy. Our kiddos get cheese for snack along with a few crackers. As everyone else has said, fruit and veggies are best. For my little one, who can't quite bite her way through a raw carrot, we lightly steam some baby carrots and then keep them on hand in the fridge for snacking.

    I made my own 'snack cups' out of some 250ml canning jars one time. I defrosted some frozen berries then scooped them into 4 jars, to fill about 1/3 of the way up. Then topped with Greek yogurt to around the 1/2 or 2/3 mark. Then topped with PC Blue Menu granola. Capped the lids, stored in the fridge. Good for me, but because of the glass jars, maybe not so great for the kiddos.

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