Getting Organized with Martha Stewart Home Office

Martha Stewart Home Office

As I have professed before, I am not nor will ever be Martha Stewart.  Don’t get me wrong, I would love to be able to whip up a batch of chocolate truffles or put together a flower arrangement in under 3 minutes flat.  However the reality that I live is a far cry from what you see on the pages of her magazines.  There is no better example of that than the room we fondly refer to as “The Pit”.  Originally it was “The Office”, but see for yourselves…

Messy Desk
Before – yes this is really my office

The Pit is our family dumping ground for everything that does not have a home.  From bills that need to be paid, or thank you cards that need to be written.  Papers, papers & more papers.  Even old electronics like my laptop and digital camera that we no longer use can be found buried under piles of other stuff.  Things that enter The Pit never seem to leave.  So when I was contacted by Staples to try out some of the Martha Stewart Home Office Products I knew it was a sign.  Time to clean up and organize The Pit.  And really, there is no one who knows organization better than Martha Stewart.

Martha Stewart Home Office
After -looking good with a little help from Martha

The Martha Stewart Home Office with Avery product line offers an array of products for every organizational need.  I was able to sort and store my bills, cards and assorted paperwork using the Fit+Stack Desk Accessories.  Now things come into the office they can be sorted right away: To file, business cards, for blogging, etc. instead of ending up in a heap on the desk.  Receipts I need to keep will be stored in this handy Martha Stewart Home Office Accordion File.  With 8 pockets I will be able to separate everything into categories making my life so much easier come tax time.Martha Stewart Home Office accordion fileAs much as I love technology, for me, nothing beats a beautiful notebook and pen to write down a to-do list.  And with the perforated pages I can easily rip out my shopping list and take it with me.Martha Stewart Home Office notebookI am proud to say with a (a lot…) of help from Martha Stewart Home Office I am finally be able to call this MY OFFICE again.  I can actually SEE my desk!  Need a little help getting organized around your house?  You can find the Martha Stewart Home Office with Avery Product line exclusively at Staples.

 Disclosure: I received samples of this product to facilitate my review.  All opinions are strictly my own.


  1. says

    I could use some help from Martha Stewart Home office! LOL I find when everything is organized, I feel much more calm and relaxed…not to mention it’s easier to keep track of everything and find it all lol

  2. says

    I’m with Jody! I wish I had an office. We gave office up for DD’s bedroom. Now I have dining room table. I am in love with those notebooks too. But more than that I am thrilled to know your Pit looks like my kitchen. Gosh I have a lot of crazy boxes there.

    BTW how funny that you call it the pit!!

  3. Teresa M says

    Every time I go to Staples I always look for MS products…I love her ideas but never seem to be able to pull them of like her. You have made me realize that maybe I too can be organized. I was thinking of a few of these for gifts to my daughter…you are not unorganized compared to her room.

  4. says

    I need to get my office organized asap. My office functions as an office, guest room, playroom and craft room. Yes, you can imagine how it looks in there. Going to find some Martha Stewart organizing products during the holidays and finally bring some order to that multipurpose room!

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