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It always amazes how different babies, and in turn the children they become, can be. I mean we all start out the same – a single cell that grows and divides millions of times over to create a human being. So how are we all so unique? I have to say that I am amazed daily at just how different my boys can be, it is so true that no two children are alike . From day one they have shown different personalities, different needs and different interests.

no two children are alike
Monkey and Little Bear at 6 months old

Monkey stormed into our lives 8 weeks early leaving Hubs and I in a whirlwind of confusion and worry.  He has always been great at giving us a good scare from having dips in his oxygen levels while in the NICU or falling face-first out of the tree house in our back yard.  He can make a racket are run around screaming, but any noise from anyone else is “too loud”. 

Little Bear on the other hand has been a quiet gentle soul right from the start.  Even though he is only 7 months old I can already see the differences between his personality and Monkeys.  Little Bear is happy just to be close to you, a snuggle and a kiss and you will not hear a peep out of him ALL DAY.  That is except when it is time for food.  Eating is very serious business for Little Bear, so If you are eating you better be sure to have something for him too, or you are going to get a talkin’ too.  unique boys

Monkey is very tentative when it comes to going on amusement rides, while you can toss, flip and roll Little Bear every which way with him laughing the whole time.  I can’t wait to see as they grow to what characteristics are similar between the boys and is unique about them.  A mini nature vs nurture experiment in my own home!  kinder unique contest

Kinder Canada is celebrating the uniqueness of every child with a CONTEST!  Hope on over to their facebook page to enter to WIN 1 of 3 $250 VISA gift cards by sharing what makes YOUR child unique.  The contest closes on June 19, 2013, so hurry on over to get your entry in!  But before you run away to enter, tell me… what makes your little ones special?  How are they unique?

Disclosure: I’m part of the KINDER® Mom program and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.


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    I SO know what you mean about how different they can be. My 2 are completely opposite each other in most ways. Although, they are both the sterotypical little boy in the fact that they are loud, dirty and love to climb/jump/run

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    I completely understand. My middle and last child are so different it’s uncanny. It’s so neat to watch their little personalities and how they interact.

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    I get it! I have 2 girls, 2 years apart and I wonder how I carried both of them and they be so different. It is amazing to me. They are 15 and 13 now…so enjoy those little years. <3

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    My son and daughter are only 18 months apart. Both are blonde hair with blue eyes but my son is very tall and my daughter is extremely petite.

    Yours are too cute!

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    I share your amazement at the fact that each child is so unique. I only have one child and I often wonder what it would be like to have two and watch them grow into their own little, individual people. What a great thing to celebrate…well done Kinder!

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    Yup. I have two boys and they are so different from each other. My oldest is very physical and loves attention. He could easily talk your ears off. He is scared of bugs. My youngest is more of an observer. Loves to be loud (as in screaming and yelling). He loves bugs but hates attention. It is so amazing how different they are and yet they still have some similarities!!

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    You said a mouthful there my darling. My girls are completely their own people. Not alike in very many ways at all but gender. Your son sounds like my one DD. She is always the loudest person in the room but she cannot stand noise from others. Covers her ears in sensory overload. Kids are comical and unique and such a blessing. Your boys look alike and they look like Mama Bear!

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