Summer Wardrobe for Boys from Children’s Place #PLACEspring

summer clothes at childrens place 1

I was switching over the boys clothes last weekend – packing up the stuff that is too small and pulling out the t-shirts and shorts in preparation for when it is actually warm enough to wear them!  Little Bear is set for clothes thanks to hand me downs from his big brother.  However Monkey’s summer wardrobe was awfully sparse.  I decided I would take him clothing shopping with

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Pamper your Feet with Vionic Shoes – Affordable Fashionable Orthotics


Did you know that healthy feet are essential for overall good health?  Many people tend to ignore the health of their feet until they are inflicted with pain or discomfort. It is only then that remember that our feet are made up of a complex structure of bones, ligaments and tendons that withstand repetitive pounding every days as we walk through life. Our feet are our base of

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Finding the Perfect Pair of Jeans is Easy with Mark’s “Find Your Fit” {Giveaway}

womens jeans Marks

There are 2 things that women hate shopping for the most: Bathing Suits and Jeans!  Find the right one can be a long and tedious process, with you trying on a million different ones desperately trying to find one that hides your flaws while accenting your assets!  With jeans you need not only worry about the right size but also the length, rise, and what type of cut you want

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Au Fait Mama Nursing Wear Review *Discount Code*

Au fait mama nursing wear

And I thought fashionable maternity wear was hard to find, well finding nursing wear that I am willing to wear outside the house is pretty much impossible!  I am not sure where the idea came from that nursing moms only wear shirts that look like tents and could pass for PJs came from but this nursing mom wants to feel pretty in her clothes.  Is is so difficult to as for

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Second Peek Maternity Boutique – A great place to buy & sell maternity clothes


One of the tricky parts of pregnancy is having to come up with a whole new wardrobe in a short time (without breaking the bank!), and then figuring out what to do with the clothes AFTER you have the baby.  If you are planning on having more then you pack them away in your basement until the next time.  But what about once your family is complete?  Second Peek Maternity Boutique

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Shopping for Clothes for kids has never been easier – The Children’s Place Sweepstakes #babyshower


Little Miss Kate is participating in the Online Baby Bash Event.  Over the next few weeks I will be posting several amazing giveaways organized by Kidsumers.  Keep an eye out for giveaways from Pampers, Mobi, Playtex and more! As a new mom one of the things I enjoyed the most was shopping for cute outfits for A.C.  Now I don’t think anyone would argue that the clothes

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Pregnancy Announcement T-Shirt for kids from Zoeys Personalized Gifts


Announcing good news is always fun, it doesn't matter if it is new job, an engagement or my personal favorite type of announcement... Pregnancy!!! When we announced our pregnancy with Monkey we made up personalized cards for family members that had each had something to do with the baby, and inside had the picture from our 12 week ultrasound.  They were a huge hit, my mom

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Naked Nursing Tank Review – Great gift for nursing mothers


You may have heard me complain before about the lack of selection of clothes available for nursing moms.  Here is why:  I have been wearing nursing tops over twice as long as I wore maternity clothes when I was pregnant with A.C.  Now think about where you buy maternity/nursing clothes, maybe you shop at Thyme or Motherhood… Think about the store layout the racks upon racks of

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Under my Christmas Tree – Potatopatch Baby & Kids *Giveaway*


Looking for a unique and creative gift for little ones in your life?  You need to check out Potatopatch Baby & Kids.  Potatopatch offers clothing in an amazing selection of designs that are all hand stamped using Potatoes!  Based out of Alliston, Ontario – the potato growing capital of Ontario – each design is created by carving potatoes into the desired shape and then used

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Ginger 85 Boutique – My Style Sponsor for #SCCTO


If you haven't been downtown Brampton to check out Ginger 85 Boutique you are missing out!  Ginger 85 offers the unique and personalized shopping experience missing from so many clothing stores these days.  Always greeted with a smile you will find a wide variety of style and brands for the ultimate selection.  From Jeans and cute Tee, corporate wear or party dresses Ginger 85

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