This Bliss Was Just For Me #BlissdomCA

Little Miss Kate Blissdom

Blogging conferences - a time to connect, engage, learn and have some fun.  To SEE the people I talk to on a daily basis online, in real life.  A time to be inspired and refocus on your goals.  Once again Blissdom Canada 2014 provided just that and more.  I was not sure if I was going to be able to attend Blissdom this year, it was a bit of a gamble for me as Roo was due less

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Thank Yous – Better Late Than Never #BlissdomCA

blissdom canada party

There are many things I love about blogging, but one of my absolute hands down, would not miss it for the world is connecting with other bloggers, writers and social media fanatics at conferences.  As much as I love the online world it is great being able to make face to face connections and have little fun too!  This fall I was able to attend Blissdom Canada – and let me tell

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Fun weekend with #MomsMeTimeTO at @RenaissanceTO

momsmetime logo

This weekend I got to spend some time with some wonderful women at #MomsMeTimeTO. This impromptu gathering came about in less than a week as an event to support, inspire and allow moms to have a little bit of "Me Time" that we so deserve.  Organized by @SoberJulie, @ChancesMommy and I, we were able to have a fun filled weekend with some wonderful women. The Renaissance

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WW – Meeting Tracy from Cityline at #Mompreneurs2013

Tracy Cityline

I had a chance to meet Tracy Moore from Cityline a couple of weeks ago at the Mompreneurs Conference, as she was the keynote speaker. WOW, what a down to earth, funny and  friendly mama, who even offered to hold Little Bear while I was eating my lunch!  Can't wait to go see a taping of Cityline in April!

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Fun with @FordCanada at #SCCTO #FordSCCTO


It is going to be a fun and busy week around the Little Miss Kate household.  An event I have been looking forward to all year is finally here - ShesConnected Conference 2012! A great place to connect with bloggers and businesses. One of the highlights of last years conference was taking part in the Ford Canada experience. Ford Canada put together so much more then just a

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Why Small Businesses should attend #SCCTO


You have heard me talk about the ShesConnected conference a couple of times now.  There are many great reasons why bloggers from all genres should attend - meeting other bloggers, learning so much from sessions, having fun!  However, ShesConnected is not just about bloggers, it is about businesses too!  A conference focused on building your Brand, your business and your

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My First Trip to NYC


One of the draws of attending the BlogHer conference for me, was the location it was being held… New York City.  I had never been to NYC before, but have had many friends rave about the city.  Heck, even my baby sister has been to NYC of a school trip!  BlogHer was the perfect chance to attend a conference I really wanted to go to while exploring a city that was on my “Must

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My #BlogHer12 Experience


Over the past couple of weeks I have been telling you about a blogging conference that I was going to – BlogHer 2012.  The conference took place 2 weeks ago in NYC, and I had such a great time!  Since this was my first year attending I thought I would share my thoughts on the conference experience.  I went in with no expectations except to have a good time and that is exactly

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My #BlogHer12 Tips


Well BlogHer12 is less than 1 week away!!!  And although this will be my first time attending a BlogHer Conference I have attended Canadian Blogging conferences in the past and thought I would put together a list of tips to make the conference experience a little easier.  Here is what I have learned in the past about attending blogging conferences: Drink Lots – Now this

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A Year of planning – #BlogHer12


In just a few short weeks I will be take a trip I have been dreaming about for almost a year.  I will be heading to New York City for the first time ever to attend a conference – BlogHer 2012!!!! For those of you who may not know, BlogHer is a conference for bloggers, writers, & social media mavens.  This year the conference will be held in New York City on August 2-4,

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ShesConnected – a place for learning & laughs #SCCTO


Everyone knows what it is like to feel like the “New Kid on the Block” as some point in their life.  For me I was the Newbie on the Blogging Block last year.  I had been selected to go to the ShesConnected Conference being held in Toronto in October 2011.  I was so excited, but so scared!!!  I had not met a single person who was going, and had no idea what to expect.  Well it

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BlogHer 2012 Sponsorship Opportunity


This year Little Miss Kate would love to attend the BlogHer’12 conference in New York City!  BlogHer is an annual blogging conference that aims to connect influential women, allowing them to connect, learn and inspire.  Professional development for bloggers, if you will.  I had the chance to attend 2 local blog conferences last year that were great opportunities for networking

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