Tips for Saving Money at Great Wolf Lodge


  Recently our family headed to Great Wolf Lodge and had a great first experience there.  Since returning and raving our about our fun adventures a few people have commented that they have not been to Great Wolf Lodge because "it is too expensive".  I have challenged them to really take a look at the cost of the vacation, and remind them that the price of the hotel

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Great Wolf Lodge Vacation Tips and Discount Code


Well we are back from a mini vacation to Great Wolf Lodge!  We had a fantastic time with the kids and I can't wait to tell you all about it and share some of my travel tips with you for when you take a trip to Great Wolf Lodge.  We had the pleasure of staying at the Great Wolf Lodge Niagara Falls, the only Canadian location they have.  If you have not heard of Great Wolf Lodge

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Holiday Entertaining Made Easy with Eudora’s Fine Foods

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Christmas is such a busy time - shopping, decorating, wrapping, visiting, and oh entertaining. Finding recipes that are delicious but won't have your locked away in the kitchen while your guests are over can be tricky.  With Eudora's Fine Foods they have made entertaining easy!  From appetizers to main dishes their sauces and chutneys make serving a mouth-watering spread fast

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Fashion meets Function with @BobaByAli Maternity Wear


I introduced you to Baby On Board Apparel (BOBA) a few months ago, but didn’t get a chance to highlight some of the design features that I love so much about this line of maternity wear. Being pregnant can make you hot, uncomfortable and simple decisions like “what am I going to wear today” suddenly become huge issues (throw in some pregnancy hormones and you may even get

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Maternity wear to fit your life style from Baby On Board Apparel


One thing I had forgotten about pregnancy is how comfortable some maternity clothes are -the nice long tops, forgiving silhouettes, and comfortable fabrics.  It was such a pleasant surprise when I dug out my maternity clothes, at umm 10 weeks (oh the joys of second pregnancies), to be reminded that you can feel good ans stylish while pregnant. Baby On Board Apparel (BOBA)

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Bundles and Buzz – Toddler Bundle Review


As an adult, getting fun surprises in mail seems to be few and far between.  The daily drudgery of picking of the mail, sorting through the junk only to be left will bills is not fun at all.  Bundles and Buzz makes heading to the mailbox exciting again! So what exactly is Bundles and Buzz?  Bundles are surprise packages of a variety of mom and baby products mailed directly

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Who doesn’t like saving money?  Getting a great deal always puts a smile on my face.  Back in my grad school days, I was what many people would deem a “couponer” -   I would spend a couple hours a week looking through the flyers, reading online forums and gathering coupons.  It was a great way to save money, but also a good investment of time!  Since A.C. came along I no longer

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Original Sprout Sunscreen Review from Baby Grins


Summer is coming so that can mean only one thing… Time to break out the Sunscreen! It is so important to protect your child’s skin from harmful UV Rays, even one bad sunburn can increase their risk of developing skin cancer. When looking for a sunscreen for Monkey I wanted something that would protect his skin, is made from natural ingredients (I will pass on the toxins

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LulaClips Review – Great Car Seat Accessory


With the cold weather comes bundling up in coats.  I never appreciated how much more difficult it is go get children bundled up and into the car to go out somewhere, until I had my own.  Last year it was a breeze, A.C. was only 6 months old and not moving around too much yet.  He was still in the infant car seat, so we just used a car seat cover to keep him warm. Easy.As.Pie. 

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Bumblebaby Diapers Review – One Size Pocket Cloth Diaper


In my hunt to find a Canada day diaper for Monkey I came across Bumblebaby Diapers and fell in LOVE.  Not only do these one size cloth diapers come in so many amazing prints but they are also made in Ontario! Bumblebaby Diapers was started by Jamie, a busy mom of 2 little ones.  When Jamie couldn't find a diaper that was trim enough to fit under all of her daughters cute

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*Lil Mango Baby Boutique Coupon Code*


Lil Mango Baby Boutique has been generous enough to provide my readers with a 10% discount code for ANYTHING on her site until April 22, 2010.  Use the promo code: littlemiss for 10% off at check out There are so many great products including: Amber teething necklaces - A.C. has one on right now, and I swear by them! The Crayon Wallets would make a great little Easter

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