Music The Universal Language… At Least Some Of The Time


  I LOVE music.  Growing up the radio was always on or we had a mix tape (remember those?!?) playing on the boom box.  Kitchen dancing was a thing in our house.  Fast forward to having my own house and kids.  I thought we would all be singing and dancing up a storm together.  I cue up the music, break out my favourite dance moves and nada...  Monkey, my oldest, will not

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Memories of date night at SUBWAY® Restaurants


  There are certain brands that hold a special place in my heart for sentimental reasons. One of those companies is SUBWAY® Restaurants. It all goes back to when Hubs and I were dating. You see, we started dating back in high school, so many of our dates involved going to SUBWAY®. That's why I was excited to work with SUBWAY® on a sponsored post to share the news of

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Keeping Memories Alive With Keepsake Memory Quilts


  I shared with all of you how we lost Hub's dad suddenly earlier this year.  We used to joke around that he would outlive us all just to be stubborn like that.  But in the end fate had other plans and just as we thought he was getting better and almost ready to head home after dealing with complications of a heart attack we got "the call".  Things were not as they seemed,

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You Take Tons of Photos – Now it is Time to Show Them Off!


  At the park, mall, play dates and just about every where you go you see Moms and Dad snapping photos of their little ones.  Think about how many photos you have taken of your kids, now how many of them did you actually show to people?  Sure maybe not all of them are worthy of being hung as a portrait on your bedroom wall, but you are capturing the moments, and more

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8 Times When Babywearing Can Make Your Life Easier


  I think pretty much everyone who has met me has seen me babywear at one point or another.  I am rarely farther then 50 feet from a baby carrier as I have "small" collection that I use at home (Hubs would debate the word small), and always have at least 1 carrier in my car as well.  Honestly, I don't know how parents can parent without a baby carrier!  It is a must

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Make Way – We Are Making Room For Play!


"Can I have the iPad?"  "Can I watch?" "iPad Pleeeeeease" things I hear daily from my 4 year old when he comes home from school.  He started kindergarten this year and was having some trouble sitting during circle time.  If he had a good day, he was able to watch Netflix on the iPad when he got home after school.  I will admit it was not necessarily the best choice in reward,

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5 Tips To Help Children Write Valentines and Keep It FUN!


I have a pet peeve that drives me crazy when it comes to Valentine's Day.  Kids handing out Valentine's.... written by their parents.  Nothing drives me more batty then to see a Valentine come home from school or daycare that looked like it have never been touched by the child giving it.  Seriously, why bother handing them out if it was just "homework" for mom or dad? Are you

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One Week Ago…

Grandpa 1

One week ago...  I was distracted while trying to cook dinner by folding mountains of laundry that had piled up and trying to get our house in some sort of order that I burned dinner.  Life had been difficult over the last month, with my Father-in-law being the in the hospital normal routines had been turned upside down.  But things were getting better, he was out of the ICU,

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10 Tips to connect Kids and Grandparents (Near or Far) #ThankFall


Growing up I was very close with my family, many of my grandparents and Aunts & Uncles all lived in the same city.  I would see my grandparents, and cousins on a weekly, if not daily basis, which meant I had a childhood filled with tea parties, making crafts and fun sleep overs.  Since having my own children I realize just how special the bonds with my family really are. 

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How to Create A Photo Wall in 4 Easy Steps


(A post by Jenn from 1Heart1Family) My DH and I have been together for over 15 years, married for 10 and have three beautiful children. We complement each others strengths and weakness and have maintained a happy, healthy relationship. I think what makes our relationship so great is the fact the we know when our personalities will collide. One of the situations is

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Happy Birthday Little Bear

2014-10-18 11.32.55

It is hard to believe that Little Bear turns 2 day! My quiet smiley baby has turned into an independent strong willed toddler.  His personality and determination shine through more and more each day.  Although he can challenge me at times,he brings so much joy into our household.  I think of Little Bear as someone who feels emotions deeply, when he is mad he is really

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On the Road for the Holidays #QualityEssentials


This post was brought to you by the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers via sheblogs. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers. Now that back-to-school season is complete and Baby Roo is here I can start planning for the next big events that are coming

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