Minion Mania – Minion Birthday Party Ideas: Food, decorations, games and more!


  It feels like this summer has been the summer of the Minion - with release of the movie Minions those little guys are popping up everywhere.  We have already been to one Minions birthday party and will no doubt see more Minions birthday parties this year.  Need some inspiration for a Minion Birthday party of your own?  Check out these Minion Birthday party ideas for a

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Chocolate Lovers Unite! Love Reese to Pieces Donut is here


Have you swung by Tim Horton's lately?  Sorry, that is a silly question it is summer and of course everyone is enjoying Ice Capps and Creamy Chocolate Chills (my new fav!).  While you were at Tim's did you happen to notice the newest addition to the menu?  The Love Reese to Pieces Donut?!?  To say I was excited about this donut is an understatement.  My love for chocolate and

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First Nations Inspired Cuisine Hits The Streets Of Toronto with #YouAreWelcome Food Truck #TO2015


  Last week Monkey, Baby Roo and I headed out on an adventure to Toronto for the day.  I was not 100% sure where our adventure would take us, but knew a stop at the YouAreWelcome Food Truck was a must.  The YouAreWelcome Food Truck is visiting Toronto during the Pan Am games and serving up some delicious samples of authentic Ojibway cuisine.  The Mississaugas of the New

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Nutrition Labels 101: Decoding Food Nutrition Labels #FocusOnTheFacts


  There used to be a time when food was simple - you grew it, caught it, or bought it from a local shop or farmer.  Things have drastically changed over the years, and now we have bountiful grocery stores and access to foods from all over the world.  Food has now become big business, and like any business come marketing.  When you head to the grocery store now it can be

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Do you know where your dinner came from? Shortening the distance between farm to fork with VG Meats {Giveaway}

Longos VG Meats Giveaway

Have you ever stopped to think about where the food you are eating is coming from?  How far did it have to travel to make it to your table?  Was it grown or raised in the same province or even the same country you live in?  Longo’s has been working hard to bring you the freshest local produce and meats.  The Longo's journey to offering a full selection of born & raised in

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Tips for making the perfect Cheesecake {Giveaway} #CheesecakeoftheYear

tips for making the perfect cheesecake

There is nothing more sinfully delicious than a good cheesecake.  It is one of the rare desserts this chocoholic will welcome with open arms in any flavor or fashion.  I have blogged about some of my favourite cheesecake recipes before including Eggnog Cheesecake Bars and Easy Mini Cheesecakes.  Lets just say I haven't met a cheesecake that I didn't like.  Some people think

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Transitioning to Sippy Cups: Playtex Anytime Straw Sippy Cup Review #Momtrust

Playtex straw sippy cup review

As a parent it is exciting to watch your kids learn new skills and reach new milestones, however the road to achievement is not always smooth and there can be some trial and error along the way.  When Monkey was transitioning to sippy cups I tried several different products to try to find one that had a he liked, had a secure lid and cover and would not leak during travel.  You

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Best Recipes from 2013

Mummy Oreo Pops

 As we kick off 2014 I thought I would share with you the most popular recipe posts on Little Miss Kate from 2013!  I enjoy sharing my love of fun and easy family meals (and desserts!) with you and look forward to bringing you many tasty recipes in 2014.  Here are the top recipes from the past year, give them a try: 10 - Peanut Butter Raisin Granola Bars - PIN it for

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Save on Gluten-Free Products with the Healthy Shopper

Healthy Shopper1

Food allergies can be a huge pain. Not only do you have avoid certain foods, but you have to become an expert on reading labels. Since being diagnosed with Celiac Disease, I have become obsessed with reading labels. Living a Gluten Free lifestyle means you must be absolutely certain that a food has no gluten hidden in its ingredients or it has not come in contact with other

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Baby it is cold outside! Warm up with a COBS Bread Maple Scroll

COBS Bread Maple Scroll

I love living in Canada, but I really hate the cold!  My hands and feet turn to ice from Oct 1 to May 1 every winter.  Doesn't matter how many sweaters I wear or what slipper I don, I still freeze.  But this year I have found the perfect Canadian combination to warm me up: a hot cup of tea and a COBS Bread Maple Scroll. Made with 100% Organic Canadian Maple Sugar, the heavenly

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Celebrating Events Big and Small at the Mandarin Restaurant #MandarinON

Mandarin Restaurants

Anyone who knows my Step-Dad knows he has been counting down to retirement from the time he started working.  Even as a kid I remember him being about to tell you how many more years of work he had left, even if that number was well over 20 years, before he was eligible for retirement.  He is a work hard play hard kind of guy.  Although he is a very talent mechanic and enjoyed

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For the Love of Sleep – Getting out of bed with #YOP

YOP drinkable yogurt

I LOVE my sleep, I mean really love it to the point of day dreaming about the next time I get to sleep in.  Heck I even have PJs that say I <3 Bed!  I still remember back to the "glory days" of my teenage years sleeping in until noon... or whenever my parents dragged me out of bed.  Fast forward to my university years,  I still made it to every 8:30 am class, but I was

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