Don’t Break the Bank this Summer – Tips for Budgeting for Summer Activities

Canada's Wonderland

Please tell me I am not the only one who is panicking that that summer is almost here. This is Monkeys first summer “off”. Now that he is a school kid, this is the first time I have had to worry about summer plans for him as he was always in daycare previously. And wow is there a lot of planning, organization and saving that needs to go into 1 summer! We are going to be

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10 Tips to connect Kids and Grandparents (Near or Far) #ThankFall


Growing up I was very close with my family, many of my grandparents and Aunts & Uncles all lived in the same city.  I would see my grandparents, and cousins on a weekly, if not daily basis, which meant I had a childhood filled with tea parties, making crafts and fun sleep overs.  Since having my own children I realize just how special the bonds with my family really are. 

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5 Inexpensive Ideas to Keep Kids Busy This Summer #kindermom

5 5 Inexpensive Ideas to Keep Kids Busy This Summer

July is here, the kids are out of school and now parents are tasked with the challenge of keeping kids busy all summer long!  8 weeks of “I'm bored...” and “There’s nothing to do…” Eek, that is enough o make any parent run for the hills!  But not to worry here is a list of simple and inexpensive ideas to help keep the kids busy this summer, so that you can all have fun and not

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All Aboard for a Day Out with Thomas #DayWithThomas

day out with thomas

I find it fascinating how young children pick favourtie characters from such a young age.  While one might be crazy for Elmo, another may love Dora.  In my house Thomas the Tank Engine is a very big deal.  Monkey enjoys watching Thomas and playing with trains.  His third birthday party was even a Thomas The Train Party.  However Little Bear has recently taken the love for

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Summer Adventures at African Lion Safari with CAA #CAARewards {Giveaway}

African Lion Safari Coupons

Last summer I took Monkey and Little Bear to African Lion Safari for the first time and they had an amazing time! We happened to go on one of the hottest days of the summer but that didn’t stop us for enjoying everything the park had to offer including an air conditioned ride through the Game Reserves. Ever since our wild adventure I have been hearing from Monkey about how much

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Getting Kids Active with Target Tri-Fun Triathlon #TargetTriFun – Twitter Party & Giveaway alert!

Target TriFun kids triathlon 3

We all know how important it is to get out and active with our kids.  Children are spending more and more time in a sitting sedentary state.  Between sitting in school for classes, sitting at home to do homework, and of course the ever increasing “screen time” of being in front of a computer or tablet.  It is easy to forget that kids need 60 minutes  of physical activity every

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Flying High with the Waterloo Air Show June 28-29, 2014 {Giveaway}

Snowbirds Waterloo Air Show

I can’t wait to attend the Waterloo Air Show with my family this year! I think many families have at least one airplane nut in the house – in mine there are two: a husband with a not so secret dream of being a Top Gun pilot, and a 3 year old daughter who is obsessed with airplanes of all shapes and sizes. This year’s Waterloo Air Show is a 2-day event filled with ACTION, SPEED,

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Playing along with Disney Junior and LEGO DUPLO Magic of Play Tour

Disney junior lego duplo magic of play tour 2

It is no secret around here that LEGO DUPLO is a huge hit.  Monkey has been playing with LEGO DUPLO for years, and Little Bear gets right in there with him as soon as we break out the bin of blocks.  I was excited to be able to take the boys to the Fairview Mall last weekend for the  Disney Junior and LEGO DUPLO Magic of Play Tour. We spent a full morning building,

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Dive into a World of Colour at the Crayola Experience

crayola experience 5

As part of Pennsylvania adventure last summer we visited many great places in Philadelphia, but our trip would not have been complete without a stop at the Crayola Experience in Easton, PA.  A visit to the Crayola Experience was perfect way to break up our drive home from Philadelphia to Toronto.  Located just over an hours drive from Philadelphia or New York City the Crayola

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Exploring the Ins and Outs of The Human Body at the Ontario Science Centre

Ontario Science Centre - Exploring the Human Body

If you have not been to the Ontario Science Centre lately then you are missing out on an experience of bodily proportions!!!  There are 2 new exhibits open that let you explore the ins and outs of the human body: The AstraZeneca Human Edge and Sesame Street Presents: The Body.The AstraZeneca Human Edge is a new permanent exhibit on level 6 of the Ontario Science Centre, focused

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Celebrating Golden Moments with Edible Oreo Olympic Medals

Oreo Olympic Medal 3

We have been glued to our TV for the past 2 weeks, every evening getting caught up on the day’s events of the 2014 Winter Olympic Games.  Monkey has enjoyed learning about new sports and is now talking about wanting to try skating and skiing and I have been so proud to watch our athletes compete so strongly on the world stage.  We came up with a special way to celebrate our

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Hoopin’ it up with the Harlem Globetrotters #ptpaGLOBIES

Harlem Globetrotters

Last week my family had the opportunity to attend a Harlem Globetrotters game with PTPA.  Hubs enjoys watching basketball, and I thought this would be a fun night out with the family, and the Globetrotters did not disappoint.  It was an evening packed with impressive tricks, basketball skills and of course a little showmanship too!  Also in the mix was friendly banter between

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