3 Semi-DIY Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Birdcage Lantern - MSRP $24.95

Mother's Day is fast approaching. Every year it seems like the past year has just flown by. Now that I am a mother myself I truly appreciate Mother's Day and I have been going out of my way the last few years to make them extra special for my mom. My daughter and I usually create something special to give her as a Grandmother/Mother's Day gift. But with busy lives and a lower

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DIY Photo Display Picture Frame


  We all take a lot of photos, now it is time so show them off!  I created this cute DIY Photo Display Picture Frame that allows you to showcase your photos and easily update them as you get new prints.  With Mother's Day coming up this would make a perfect gift for Grandma as well.  You could give her new prints to update her frame at her birthday and holidays like

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5 Baby Shower Gift Ideas


Everyone loves to celebrate the arrival of a new bundle of joy.  Shopping for a new baby can be so much fun, however it can also be tricky to find a unique and useful gift that the new mama will love.  Here are 5 baby shower gift ideas that are sure to impress: It's Play Time -By 3 months old babies are ready to start exploring the world around them by reaching out and

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Giving The Gift of Caffeine This Christmas #TASSIMONiceList {Giveaway}


There are very few adults out there that don't enjoy a cup of coffee now and then, or maybe even 3 cups... before 9am.  But hey, we don't judge.  While I don't drink a pot by myself, I do enjoy a cup now and then.  However my craving for coffee is rarely enough motivation to get me to brew a pot for myself.  With our traditional coffee maker I am never sure how to scale down,

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Breaking Out Creativity in a Mess-Free Way! {Giveaway}


I love when the boys draw and get creative with arts and crafts, but I am not always up for cleaning up the mess that comes with it.  Washing down tables and hands, picking up all of the bits of paper... there are times when I.Just.Can't.  And it is on those days when I love to break out our Crayola sets and let the boys be creative without making a huge mess of my dining

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4 Rules For Re-Gifting Used Gifts #ok2regift


At this time of year everyone is so busy.  Shopping for gifts, wrapping, cleaning up the house for when guests come over.  Why not kill 2 birds with 1 stone with re-gifting this year.  I know, this can be a taboo topic however re-gifting electronics that you do not use can help reduce the amount of gifts you have to buy and help you get rid of the clutter in your house.  It is

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5 Great Gift Ideas for Nursing Moms #LMKUnderMyTree


As a 3 time breastfeeding mom I know how much time and effort moms put in to nursing their little ones and making sure that they get the best possible nutrition.  Christmas time is the perfect time to give nursing moms a little pampering of their own and to celebrate their accomplishment.  Here are some great gift ideas for nursing moms:   1 - Nursing Pyjamas -

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Secret Santa Gift Exchange Ideas – GIFTS MADE EASY


Gift exchanges - either you love them or hate them.  I am in the love category, and enjoy taking part in a lighthearted gift exchange with friends, co-workers or family.  In fact this holiday season I am taking part in at least 4 gift exchanges!  For some we know who we are buying for, where others we buy a generic gift swap (or steal) from one another at the exchange. 

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Get a Jump Start on Christmas Shopping at the #Walmart20th Sale

walmart canada socks

Have you started the count down yet?!? You know the one... the count down until Christmas.  Try not to think about it too much, there are only 14 weekends until Christmas!!! So have you started your shopping yet?  If you have not then NOW is the time as Walmart is celebrating their 20th anniversary with a massive sale.  Make sure you check out the flyer to see all of the great

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Celebrating all of the “firsts” with Hallmark Photo props for Infants #hallmarkpresspause {Giveaway}

Photo props for Infants first year 2

It is exciting to celebrate all of the milestones that come in the first year of life – starting solid food, sitting up unassisted, crawling and of course all of the “first holidays”.  With Monkey I made sure to capture each one with a picture.  With Little Bear, being the typical second child I seemed to miss a few of the holiday milestone pictures I captured with Monkey. 

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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for toddlers and preschoolers #HallmarkPressPause {Giveaway}

hallmark  itty bittys Disney Happy Hearts

February is busy month for us – my parent’s wedding anniversary, Valentine’s Day, my wedding anniversary and 2 family birthdays!  We will be doing a lot of celebrating this month.  With all of the cake and treats the boys will be taking part in this month I try to limit the amount of sweets I give to them.  However I would still like to give them a little something special from

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The Rules of Gift Wrapping aka How Not To Fight When Wrapping Gifts

christmas presents

Wrapping gifts – you either love it or hate it.  I grew up with presents always wrapped and decorated with ribbons and bows under our Christmas Tree.  It is a tradition that I have tried to keep up, and Hubs and I have a perfectly choreographed system to get all the presents wrapped without ending up arguing.  Please tell me I am not the only one who has had fights during late

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