Fish Cards for Snackable Learning – Free Printable Alphabet Flash Cards #GoldfishSmiles


  Because we like to travel this sometimes means our oldest, who is in Kindergarten this year, misses school time. I know he’s gaining invaluable experience when we travel but mommy guilt always kicks into high gear about missing valuable classroom learning time. We try to do learning activities with him on the road but sometimes the day slips by and before we know it

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Having fun as a family with Maple Leaf Monster Jam #MyMonsterJam {Giveaway}


A guest post from L.W. Heading to the Maple Leaf Monster Jam for the first time a few years ago, I was absolutely floored by the whole experience.  All of my expectations and biases of the whole Monster Truck culture were thrown to the floor. The energy of the crowd, the announcers, and the roadies, lead to a night of bone rattling adrenaline, and no-nonsense fun.  We are

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When Nothing Goes As You Planned #HolidaySecretsExposed


So you may have noticed that things have been VERY quiet around Little Miss Kate the past few weeks.  While I wish I could say it was because I was off on some sort of exotic vacation, the truth is that this holiday season knocked me on my butt.  While yes Christmas time is busy with family gatherings, shopping and wrapping this year threw in a few extra "special" surprises

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Giving The Gift of Caffeine This Christmas #TASSIMONiceList {Giveaway}


There are very few adults out there that don't enjoy a cup of coffee now and then, or maybe even 3 cups... before 9am.  But hey, we don't judge.  While I don't drink a pot by myself, I do enjoy a cup now and then.  However my craving for coffee is rarely enough motivation to get me to brew a pot for myself.  With our traditional coffee maker I am never sure how to scale down,

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Breaking Out Creativity in a Mess-Free Way! {Giveaway}


I love when the boys draw and get creative with arts and crafts, but I am not always up for cleaning up the mess that comes with it.  Washing down tables and hands, picking up all of the bits of paper... there are times when I.Just.Can't.  And it is on those days when I love to break out our Crayola sets and let the boys be creative without making a huge mess of my dining

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Straighten up Canada! 3 Minutes to Improve Posture {Giveaway}

poor posture

Working in a Chiropractic office for seven years, I have seen my fair share of people with back pain. Lower back pain is the single leading cause of disability worldwide and each year over 11 million Canadians suffer from at least one musculoskeletal condition. This accounts for one-third of all missed days of work, second only to the common cold! Some result from slips or

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Love A Little Mystery? {Giveaway}


Time for another FUN giveaway on Little Miss Kate.  Love a little mystery???  Like happy surprises in your mail box, rather then bills??? Then this giveaway is for you!!! The Mystery Box giveaway is baaaaaaack with more great prizes, fun and intrigue.   From November 3rd to the 24th, you can enter for a chance to win one of 5 amazing mystery boxes filled with goodies

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Exploring the World of Pink at the BabyTime Show Toronto {Giveaway}


For 4 years I was a "Boy Mom" and my world was filled with cars, trucks and lots of noise.  When we found out we were expecting baby #3 I just assumed it would be another boy.  Boys were what I knew, boys were what I was used to, boys are what my Husband and I make.  So when Baby Roo arrived on a September Sunday Morning and the midwife said "It's a Girl" I was excited and

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I’ve Got My Eye On You – Snuza Video Baby Monitor #SnuzaTrio {Giveaway}


I remember back to my pre-kid days, back when you know everything about parenting without actually have ever done it.  Looking at all the new baby gear that was on the market now compared to when my little sister was a baby in the mid 90's and thinking "Why do parents need all this stuff?!?"  At the time I couldn't imagine why you would need a video monitor, after all my

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Who will be knocking at your door this Halloween? #HallmarkPress Pause {Giveaway}

hallmark pumpkin decorating

Who will be knocking at your door this Halloween?  Will it be a witch or a goblin?  A superhero or a princess?  No matter who comes to our door this Halloween they are going to be greeted in spooky style by our Trick-or-Treat Greeter from Hallmark!  Last year we had the motion activated  Hallmark Witch Trick-or-Treat Greeter that caught everyone by surprise, this year we have

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A Special Thanks to YOU – iPad Mini Giveaway


It is Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend and for the month of October I have teamed up with 11 other bloggers to offer a special giveaway as a Thank You to my readers.  I enjoy sharing my stories, reviews and recipes with you and appreciate you taking the time out of your busy day to stop by Little Miss Kate & Co for a few moments to see what is new.  As a thank you for

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Moms on the Go – Join us for @PlaytexInfant #PlaytexKnowsBabies Twitter Party Oct 1


As moms we are always on the go.  Running after the kids at home, school drop offs, and play dates - It never seems to stop!  Well take an hour on October 1, 2014 at 9pm EST to join us for the @PlaytexInfant #PlaytexKnowsBabies Twitter Party to talk about the life on the go with baby.   Life on the go with baby is not always easy.  Come chat with us about time saving tips

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