Get your Green Living Show FREE Tickets For This Weekend!


  This is going to be a busy weekend in Toronto, there are lots of fun events are kicking into high gear and I can't wait to attend a bunch of them.  This weekend the Green Living Show is coming to the Metro Toronto Convention Centre March 27-29.  I attended my first Green Living Show last year and loved meeting the vendors, exploring new products, and oh the FOOD! 

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4 Rules For Re-Gifting Used Gifts #ok2regift


At this time of year everyone is so busy.  Shopping for gifts, wrapping, cleaning up the house for when guests come over.  Why not kill 2 birds with 1 stone with re-gifting this year.  I know, this can be a taboo topic however re-gifting electronics that you do not use can help reduce the amount of gifts you have to buy and help you get rid of the clutter in your house.  It is

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Come Out Come Out Wherever You Are! #WhereAreYoursHiding


Come out come out wherever you are... come on out old electronics it is time to find a new home.  They seem to hide in every corning of the house tucked away on dusty shelves or in cupboard drawers.  Sometimes we keep them because they were a gift, or maybe we just plain forgot about them.  But the electronics deserve a better fate then just collecting dust

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Help I Am Turning Into My Grandmother!


You know that saying that you turn into your mother, I recently I had the realization that I skipped a generation and I am turning into my Grandmother.  Now my Grandma P was a wonderful strong independent woman who never threw anything out.  Maybe it was because she lived through a world war, or maybe she really thought there would be a time when she needed 5 pairs of Readers

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Eco-friendly Activities for the Whole Family

Love/Hate Mondays

Eco-friendly practices and activities can be implemented and enjoyed by your whole family – they are not just the responsibility for the adults in your household.  It is important to get kids involved from an early age, so they can learn not only to be responsible consumers of energy, but also contribute to help reducing the cost of living at home!  Involve your family in a

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Easy French Toast Recipe – Getting your vitamin D with Stonemill Bakehouse {Giveaway}

Easy French Toast Recipe

Having a tasty home cooked  breakfast does not need to be complicated or take a lot of time!  Check out this Easy French Toast Recipe that my boys love.  With  few simple spices french toast is taken from bland to scrumptious in no time at all.  Quick tip for making French Toast - Pick a dense bread that will soak up the egg mixture and stand up to the transfer process.  For

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Top 6 Ways to Clean with Baking Soda {Giveaway}

best Ways to Clean with Baking Soda

Did you know that you have a powerful non-toxic cleaner right in your pantry? I always have a couple of ARM & HAMMER™ Baking Soda boxes on the go.  Baking Soda has so many uses around the house and offers a safe and inexpensive way to clean your kitchen, bathroom and beyond.  Here are the Top 6 ways to clean with Baking Soda: 1 - Cleaning counter tops – baking soda is

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Recycle for Education Contest #Recycle4Ed

Staples Recycle For Education Contest 2014

“Mom, that’s recyclable!”, “It’s litterless lunch day tomorrow”, “Can we start a compost pile in the back yard?” If you’re the parent of a school-aged child, chances are you’ve heard something like this in your house.  In schools across the country kids are getting involved in making the earth a better place by reducing their waste, cleaning up their environment and learning

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When I Can’t Have My Cloth Diapers I Reach For Seventh Generation Diapers

seventh generation diapers 1

Even though I love my cloth diapers, there are some times where disposables are just easier.  When we are home or going out for a trip to the mall I am all for cloth diapers.  However a 5 day vacation in the US.... well that is just not practical for me no matter how much I love my fluff.  It is times like those that I break out my Seventh Generation Disposable Diapers. So

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How to Green Your Laundry Routine

green your laundry routine

It is funny how adding one more person to your household can feel like they have added 10x more laundry!  I didn't find a big difference when Monkey arrived with the amount of laundry I was doing, however since the arrival of Little Bear, it can feel like it is a never ending cycle of gather, wash, dry, put away, repeat!  I want to make sure that with all of the laundry I am

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Go Green for Earth Day with Lavish & Lime {Giveaway}

lavish and lime 1

We try to be "Green" in the Little Miss Kate household, we are by no means perfect but I do believe that every little action matters.  Lavish & Lime is an online store that helps you do just that.  Dedicated to offering Eco-friendly products to help you make your life a little greener. We use a lot of reusable food containers in our house.  I normally cook dinners so

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Making the switch to Woolzies Dryer Balls

woolzies dryer balls

Hubs has always hated dryer sheets.  From the moment we moved into together he complained about how they made his clothes feel "oily".  Like any good wife I completely ignored his protests, I was the one doing laundry so I would do it my way with my beloved dryer sheets and all.  It wasn't until I started researching cloth diapers that I found that you should not be using dryer

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