How to Prevent Heat Stroke – What to look for on those sunny hot days


  When we are enjoying the outdoors with our little ones we tend to be diligent about the sunscreen and hats but it’s important to remember how easily children can over heat if over dressed or just out playing in the sun. A fun afternoon play date in the park can quickly turn serious if your child gets heat exhaustion or heat stroke.  Knowing the signs to look out for and

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6 Tips To Prepare Your Child For Their First Visit To The Dentist


  It is something we don't often think about but maintaining good oral health is just as important as making sure your are physically active. All parts of your body need to be working at their best to have you looking and feeling great physically, mentally and socially from childhood until your senior years.  This includes eating a well balanced diet (including whole

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Make Sure You Get The Most Out Of Life Everyday


  Here is what life looks like with 3 kids: 5am - Woken up by the baby who wants to nurse.  Feed her and sneak in a few more precious minutes of sleep 7am - Woken  up by my 4 year old who tells me it is time to get his 2 year old brother out of the crib 8am - Make everyone breakfast, and then spend the next 30 minutes asking the kids to EAT their

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5 Ways To Prevent Colds – Fellowes AeraMax Air Purifier Review


  As winter rolled in so did the runny noses and coughs, isn't wintertime just wonderful.  I mean really why wouldn't we embrace the whiny "my throat hurts","Mom I need another tissue", and my all time favorite "Remember to cover your coughs".  Oh joys of having 3 young kids.  While getting a cold is not the end of the world it is something I could do without especially

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Straighten up Canada! 3 Minutes to Improve Posture {Giveaway}

poor posture

Working in a Chiropractic office for seven years, I have seen my fair share of people with back pain. Lower back pain is the single leading cause of disability worldwide and each year over 11 million Canadians suffer from at least one musculoskeletal condition. This accounts for one-third of all missed days of work, second only to the common cold! Some result from slips or

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5 Reasons To Get Your Flu Shot Today and #TargetPharmacyCA Twitter Party


I have got a flu shot every year since 2005 - I was still in graduate school at the time, but my lab and office were located in a hospital.  While I HATE needles, the though of making a patient sick by touching the same elevator button or door handle didn't seem fair.  By protecting myself, I was helping to protect them too.  Plus it didn't hurt that they were giving out

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4 Uses of Gravol That Every Mom Needs to Know {Giveaway}

4 Uses of Gravol That Every Mom Needs to Know

Over the past 5 years I have dealt with more puke then I care to talk about.  Becoming a mother is not for the faint of stomach!  From morning sickness to motion sickness Moms deal with it all.  Overall I would consider my morning sickness mild, it was smells like diesel trucks or buses that would have me running for the nearest bush.  So as long as I was careful to avoid them

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Bumps, Bruises and Scrapes Oh My! Restocking the First Aid Kit with #TargetPharmacy

target pharmacy first aid kit bug spray

Along with the warm weather has come something a little unexpected – a barrage of bumps, bruises and scrapes on Monkey and Little Bear.  Now it is not like they have never had a “boo boo” before, but it seems this year the rate at which they are happening has increased exponentially.  I guess I should not be surprised, these boys are always on the move running everywhere, and

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Discovering your neighbourhood with YP App #NewYP

Yellow Pages App for ipad

What’s a mama with a new dress and a kid free night to do?  Head out on a date night with her man of course!  Recently that is exactly what Hubs and I did while the boys had a sleep over at Grandma’s house.  Since we were able to get out for dinner just the two of us I wanted to head somewhere we had not been before.  It is not often this mama gets to get dressed up and go out

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Getting Kids Active with Target Tri-Fun Triathlon #TargetTriFun – Twitter Party & Giveaway alert!

Target TriFun kids triathlon 3

We all know how important it is to get out and active with our kids.  Children are spending more and more time in a sitting sedentary state.  Between sitting in school for classes, sitting at home to do homework, and of course the ever increasing “screen time” of being in front of a computer or tablet.  It is easy to forget that kids need 60 minutes  of physical activity every

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Let’s Get Heart Healthy #TreatYourHeart

Cardiovascular Age

Working in a hospital I am reminded on a daily basis how lucky I am to have my health.  The only major medical scare I have had in my life was delivering Monkey 2 months early, but other than that it has been a pretty smooth ride and I would like to keep it that way!  As a busy mom it is easy to get lost in our hectic schedule and let things like exercise and a well balanced

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