Keeping My Bathroom Clean with Lysol #LysolPowerandFree

Lysol Power & Free

Potty training Monkey went far smoother then I could have ever imagined.  Yes we have had accidents, and with the arrival of Little Bear we did see some regression with Monkey.  But overall it has been much easier than I expected, that is until we tried to transition Monkey from the potty to the toilet... All of a sudden things got trickier,and messier. See boys need to aim,

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A Family Tradition: Tourtiere Recipe #HealthyFamilies

tourtiere recipe

Every Christmas eve for as long as I can remember we have always had a special meal: Tourtiere.  If you don't know what Tourtiere is you are missing out.  It is a traditional Quebec dish, a meat pie made with ground pork and beef.  My Grandmother would make up a large batch and freeze the pies to sell at the church, give to people who had fallen ill, and of course for our

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Get your Flu Shot Canada!

ww38 -sick

Have you got you flu shot yet?  The last time I have the flu was about 10 years ago when I was in university.  It was so bad I even missed an exam (and writing a make up exam 2 months later is no fun at all!).  Ever since then I have made sure to get my flu shot every year.  Not just for me, but also for the people around me.  I lived with my Grandma for a couple of years and

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Breaking out the Cold Fighting Tool Kit #HealthyFamilies

Cold fighting tool kit lysol

And so it begins…  Little Bear was barely a week old when I got the call from daycare… Monkey was not feeling well I would need to come pick him up.  I knew we would be battling colds this winter but I had been hoping we could hold off on sickness in our house until Little Bear was a month old.  But toddlers are germy little creatures and sure enough Monkey had picked up a

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Keeping My Family Health – Hand Washing Tips #HealthyFamilies

Laysol No-Touch Soap Dispenser

It is hard to believe that it is November already, I feel like October disappeared into thin air between Thanksgiving, the ShesConnected Conference, and Halloween.  With the cool air settling in I was not surprised to see A.C. with his first runny nose of the cold & flu season.  It is amazing how quickly the runny noses set in, 1 cool Fall day and every kid in his daycare

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Is Your Kid a Kid Who Touches Everything? #HealthyFamilies


As September winds down (can you believe it???) you can really feel that Fall is in the air…  Kids are back to school, and hopefully getting settled into a new routine, leaves are falling and there is a chill in the air.  You know what else that it means???  Cold and flu season is just around the corner! Last winter was a tough one around our house, it was A.C.’s first

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Sometimes Mom Deserves a Reward too! #healthyfamilies


Hard to believe there is only 1 week left of August, where did this last month go?  It seems to me that the second half of summer just disappeared and I still have a number of things on my summer “To Do” List.  One thing I was able to do was make some headway with cleaning projects in the house.  Member last month went I bared it all and showed you what my office and garage

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Tackling Cleaning Projects 101 – Tips and Tricks #HealthyFamilies


Summer time – a great time for relaxing lazy days, vacations and BBQs.  Also a great time to tackle those cleaning projects that just pile up.  We all have them the “We will get to that…” “I will tackle that one day…”  “When we have time I will…” projects that never seem to get done. Yes you did your spring cleaning and the floors are washed (well maybe yours are, mine aren’t…

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Fact: Toddlers are dirty #HealthyFamilies


Monkey is in prime toddler discovery mode.  He is fully mobile, able to climb and reach for things (he shouldn’t have), and wants to get into EVERYTHING.  All of which is wonderful for his sense of independence and learning about the world around him.  BUT… toddlers are dirty.  Even after you give them a bath they can’t seem to stay clean for longer than 5 minutes

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