Mom to Mom Sales in Brampton


  With back to school underway it is time to start focusing changing over from summer clothing to fall and winter clothing.  Save money by shopping at Mom to Mom Sales  - I have had great luck picking up snow suits for $10, new shoes for under $5 and lots of other like new clothing for $1-2 a piece at my local mom to mom sales. Who knows, maybe this time I might be able

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Get your Green Living Show FREE Tickets For This Weekend!


  This is going to be a busy weekend in Toronto, there are lots of fun events are kicking into high gear and I can't wait to attend a bunch of them.  This weekend the Green Living Show is coming to the Metro Toronto Convention Centre March 27-29.  I attended my first Green Living Show last year and loved meeting the vendors, exploring new products, and oh the FOOD! 

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Get Your Baby Gear Fix With The Baby Show in Toronto and Ottawa


  Spring is almost here and that means The Baby Show is back in town in both Toronto and Ottawa!  They have planned 2 information packed shows including top quality vendors, seminars, and fun activities for kids.  Even as a 3 time mom I love attending these events to learn more about new products or try out a product before I buy it.  The informative seminars and

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What Would You Do If You Were Dared To Give? #dareyou


Canada is a pretty amazing country - we can be caring, compassionate and giving.  In 2010 almost 50% of Canadians volunteered for a charity or non-profit organization.  That works out to over 2 billion hours of volunteer activities!  Now why would so many Canadians give their time, talent and money to volunteer?  Most of the time, because they were asked by a family member,

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Come Out Come Out Wherever You Are! #WhereAreYoursHiding


Come out come out wherever you are... come on out old electronics it is time to find a new home.  They seem to hide in every corning of the house tucked away on dusty shelves or in cupboard drawers.  Sometimes we keep them because they were a gift, or maybe we just plain forgot about them.  But the electronics deserve a better fate then just collecting dust

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Exploring the World of Pink at the BabyTime Show Toronto {Giveaway}


For 4 years I was a "Boy Mom" and my world was filled with cars, trucks and lots of noise.  When we found out we were expecting baby #3 I just assumed it would be another boy.  Boys were what I knew, boys were what I was used to, boys are what my Husband and I make.  So when Baby Roo arrived on a September Sunday Morning and the midwife said "It's a Girl" I was excited and

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What to do at Canada’s Wonderland when you don’t love Roller Coasters #CWThrills

canadas wonderland lazy river small

When people think of Canada's Wonderland normally the first thing that comes to mind are the high thrill take your breath away roller coasters.  You know the ones like Leviathan - where riders are dropped from a height of 306 ft at an 80 degree angle and reach speeds of up to 148 km/hr.  There are people out there that LOVE that sort of thrill,  Hubs enjoys a good roller

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The Baby Show is coming to Toronto! #BabyShowTO {Giveaway}

TheBabyShow Logo

With baby #3 due to arrive any day now (do you hear that baby, anytime now would be great!) I am looking forward to doing a little bit of shopping once our newest family member arrives!  Yes I have most of the gear we need already for a baby, but a mama can never have too many cloth diapers, baby carriers or baby clothes.  Shhh just don't tell my husband!  Well this baby better

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Best Rides for Toddlers at Canada’s Wonderland #CWThrills

best rides for toddlers at canadas wonderland 5

Deciding where to go on a family outing is no simple task, especially when you have more than one child.  There are many factors that come into play including location, cost and the range of activities available that will keep the whole family happy.  I am happy to say that we have taken the boys to Canada's Wonderland 4 times now and have had an amazing visit every time.  And

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Do you know where your dinner came from? Shortening the distance between farm to fork with VG Meats {Giveaway}

Longos VG Meats Giveaway

Have you ever stopped to think about where the food you are eating is coming from?  How far did it have to travel to make it to your table?  Was it grown or raised in the same province or even the same country you live in?  Longo’s has been working hard to bring you the freshest local produce and meats.  The Longo's journey to offering a full selection of born & raised in

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Easy French Toast Recipe – Getting your vitamin D with Stonemill Bakehouse {Giveaway}

Easy French Toast Recipe

Having a tasty home cooked  breakfast does not need to be complicated or take a lot of time!  Check out this Easy French Toast Recipe that my boys love.  With  few simple spices french toast is taken from bland to scrumptious in no time at all.  Quick tip for making French Toast - Pick a dense bread that will soak up the egg mixture and stand up to the transfer process.  For

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Locals Lounge – Spring Mom to Mom Sales in the Toronto Area and Beyond


Hints of spring are finally popping up after what feels like one of the longest winters EVER!  Soon it will be time to switch over from boots to runners, and put away the winter coats in exchange for hoodies.  But that also means I need to go shopping!  Monkey is quickly outgrowing his current wardrobe and with the boys being born in different seasons I will need to pick up

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