It is Both the Big and Small Gestures that Make A Difference #ActsOfCaring

telus thank you chocolates

When is the last time you were surprised out of the blue with a kind gesture?  Big or small, just something unexpected that made your day?  For me it was just over a week and a half ago, a coworker and I had been talking about home cooking.  She is Indian and always has the most delicious smelling lunches.  We discussed the differences in typical home cooked meals at our houses

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Christmas Shopping a Different Way With RBC Avion Holiday Boutique #AvionVIP

RBC Avion Holiday Boutique Yorkdale 1

Did you head to the mall last weekend?  Did you notice how busy it is getting already… stalking shoppers who are leaving to find a parking spot, over heating in the mall from wearing your winter coat and carrying armloads of bags, leaving the mall exhausted after a full day of shopping.  Well RBC Avion is working to change all that with the RBC Avion Holiday Boutique at

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Saving The World One Adventure At A Time #ImaginextAdventures

imaginext toys

Quick! Hurry to the fire, we have to save the day!  Right now fire fighters are big in our house.  From watching cartoons about fire men, to everyone being told to do put on their plastic fire hats to play, Monkey LOVES fire fighters.  As a mom, I love that he has picked fire fighters as his "hero" of choice.  Not only are there so many adventures to be had, but we are able to

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Hubby Always Makes Sure We #FINISHTheDishes

finish the dishes 3

When it comes to chores around the house Hubs and I divide things pretty evenly.  I do most of the laundry, he cuts the grass.  I tidy the toys, he vacuums.  But one chore that is pretty much all his... the dishes!!! Now how as a mom of 2 do I get out of washing the dishes and loading the dishwasher.  Well it is because I "just don't do it right" according to Hubs.  You see

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For the Love of Sleep – Getting out of bed with #YOP

YOP drinkable yogurt

I LOVE my sleep, I mean really love it to the point of day dreaming about the next time I get to sleep in.  Heck I even have PJs that say I <3 Bed!  I still remember back to the "glory days" of my teenage years sleeping in until noon... or whenever my parents dragged me out of bed.  Fast forward to my university years,  I still made it to every 8:30 am class, but I was

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Summer Camp is Awesome #MuskokaWoods2013

summer camp doe lake 5

Black socks, they never get dirty, The more that you wear them, the blacker they get Sometimes I think I should wash them But something keep telling me no, no, Not yet, not yet, not yet, not yet. Camp songs are the BEST songs, and singing them brings back wonderful memories of fun adventures with friends.  I attended many summer camps as a kid, mostly day camps but

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Saving my Sanity – Fisher-Price Favorites #FPFavourites

fisher-price favorites ocean wonders

In some ways being a mom of 2 has been easier than I expected.  Monkey has welcomed Little Bear with open arms and embraced the roll of big brother.  Our new family just seemed to "click", and we quickly fell into a new routine.  However being a mom of 2 is not without new challenges - it is not 2 against 1 anymore, it is 1 on 1 all the time.  You don't get the same down time

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What would you do with $50,000? #GoldenKitten

Royale Golden Ticket

Sometimes times I like to imagine what I would do if had a lot of extra $$$.  What would I spend the money on?  Would I splurge on spa days and new clothes or would I save up for retirement?  What would YOU do if you had an extra $50,000?  Well Royale is giving you a chance to find out!  With the Royale Golden Kitten Ticket contest you have a chance to win

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Kinder Surprise – a perfect treat to celebrate with

Kinder Surpirse Logo

Over the past month we took on a task in the Little Miss Kate household that was both daunting and exciting – Potty training of A.C.!!!  In getting prepared for potty training I made sure to have all of the essentials – potty, paper towels, cleaners, lots of changes of clothes and TREATS.  The timing was perfect coinciding with launch of the Kinder Surprise Egg 2013 Toy

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Walmart’s Mom of the Year Finalist deserve a little “Me time” #MOTY


In the spring I introduced you to the Wal-Mart Mom of the Year Contest which aimed to recognize the contributions mothers make, both big and small, every day across Canada.  I am proud to say that over 16,000 amazing mothers were nominated for this award, you can find all of their stories here.  Out of this outstanding group, 8 finalists were selected – each will receive

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“O” Babies grow up way too fast #FirstCheerios


One thing A.C. has always done well is EAT– from his NICU days of gaining 2 lbs in 5 weeks to now where many nights A.C. and I will eat the same amount for dinner. From the early days of finger foods I loved watching his determination as he tried to pick up Cheerios and actually get them into his mouth.  That proud smile of success as he was happily gumming away at them.  It is

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Tackling Cleaning Projects 101 – Tips and Tricks #HealthyFamilies


Summer time – a great time for relaxing lazy days, vacations and BBQs.  Also a great time to tackle those cleaning projects that just pile up.  We all have them the “We will get to that…” “I will tackle that one day…”  “When we have time I will…” projects that never seem to get done. Yes you did your spring cleaning and the floors are washed (well maybe yours are, mine aren’t…

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