Celebrating “Bonus Days” of Pregnancy #preemie #preemiemom

bonus days of pregnancy

Last week I reached a milestone that I have been counting down to from the time I found out I was pregnant.  33 weeks.  Why is reaching my 33rd week of pregnancy significant?  Because for me that is when I start celebrating my “Bonus Days” of pregnancy.  With my first pregnancy I didn’t make past 32 weeks before Monkey made his swift and unexpected arrival on what was supposed

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Pregnant all summer long, and why you WON’T hear me complaining


Now that the nice weather is here, and the coats are off many people are noticing my baby bump.  There is nothing like pregnancy or new baby to invite random people to start talking to you.  And in my daily life there a lots of those such opportunities – on the train to get to work, in the halls at my office, or when I am out and about with the boys.  The two standard questions

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Bump Watch – Weeks 21 – 24

Pregnancy 22 weeks

Right in the middle of my second trimester, I can't believe how quickly this pregnancy is flying by! Week 21 – There is nothing like sharing the experience of feeling your baby move with your partner.  Roo is starting to be more active and Hubs was able to feel he/she for the first time this week.  I want to remember the smile that crossed his face forever when he felt the

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Breastfeeding a Preemie – One Mom’s Journey #momtrust

breastfeeding a preemie

There was never a question if I wanted to breastfeed my children, one quick read of the benefits and I was sold.  What I never imagined was how my breastfeeding journey would go with Monkey.  I was so sure that I would be overdue, as this was my first pregnancy, that we told people I was due at the beginning of September not the end of August when my actual due date fell. 

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Avery’s Act Of Kindness in support of Sunnybrook Hospital #AverysActOfKindness

avery's act of kindness

Giving birth to your child is suppose to be an exciting day, a happy event for any family.  The day that Monkey entered into this world is one that I will never forget and it was nothing like I expected it would be...  Instead of being a happy joyful day it was one filled with tears, confusion and worry.  I was supposed to have 2 more months to get ready for the arrival of my

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Spend Money to Save Money – Public Funding for in vitro fertilization


People think babies can be expensive, but preemie babies... they are expensive.  Hospitalization, specialists, therapists, treatments, follow up appointments....  As I am sure many of you already know Monkey was a preemie, born at 32 weeks gestation we spent over a month in the NICU with him before we could bring him home.  I am so thankful that in Canada we do not pay for our

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ABC – K is for Kiss

k - kiss

I am taking part in ABC Friday - a fun photo sharing meme Each week is a new letter theme, starting with A of course, we will work our way through the alphabet. K is for... Kiss! I know I have posted the picture before, it is one of my favorites from when Monkey was born.  After going through a whirlwind 48 hours - from being 32 weeks pregnant and having fun a a work

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Life can Change in a Moment – 2 years ago today


It is hard to believe that 2 years ago today, I was at work on a typical Thursday, having no idea what life would have in store for me in the next 24 hours.  After having a wonderful dinner in downtown Toronto with coworkers I headed home for what I hoped would be a restful nights sleep.  Monkey had other plans for me, and in less then 12 hours I would go from just being "Kate"

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Scars of being a #Preemie Mom


With Monkey getting closer to 2 years old, more and more people have started to ask when JAM and I will be having a second baby.  I brush off their comments with a chuckle and a “Not right now” or “You never know” but underneath that cover is the truth that I am scared.  As the mom of a preemie I never want to have to go through that experience again.  Overall Monkey's course

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A Joy To Share – Lending a helping hand with KINDER Canada


I love this time of year – the days are getting longer, you can ditch your hats & boots in favor of runners and the grass is getting greener – Spring is in the air, and Easter is right around the corner.  Easter is a family affair in my house – my Mother’s Easter Egg Hunt is a long standing tradition, even after all of us “kids” were far too old to be hunting.  It is a time

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Life in the NICU – How to bond with you baby – Part 3


For Part 3 in my Life in the NICU series I am going to focus on how you can connect & bond with your baby while they are in the NICU. I have covered how to cope in the early stages of a NICU stay in Part 1, and Part 2 looked at how to survive and even thrive during a NICU stay. Being a NICU parent can sometimes make you feel a disconnected from your little one.  In

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One Year Ago today our baby came HOME from the NICU


One year ago I finally got to so something so many parents take for granted... Take my baby HOME from the NICU. After 33 days in the hospital we were soooooooooooooooo ready to embark on our new adventure as a family Monkey was not so sure about leaving the safety of NICU at first.  (Why is it that babies hate their car seats so much?!?) But after we told him about

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