How To Make Brushing Teeth Fun For A Toddler


As a parent in the evenings after a loooong day at work or play the last thing you feel like doing is stepping onto the battlefield with your toddler. Lips clamped shut, head shaking side to side no, no, no, refusing to brush their teeth is a dreaded part of any bedtime routine.  Your feet drag up the stairs every night knowing you likely need to summon your best negotiating

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Nourishing Your Skin All Winter Long #SDMWinterSkin

Aveeno Skin Relief Fragrance Free Lotion

There are some things that I love about winter - taking the kids tobogganing, building snowmen in the backyard and enjoying a hot chocolate on a cold day.  However, I could live without the dry skin that plagues me all winter long.  When I was young the changing of the seasons just meant digging out snow pants and scarf.  In my teen years I would need a little extra moisturizer

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5 Reasons To Get Your Flu Shot Today and #TargetPharmacyCA Twitter Party


I have got a flu shot every year since 2005 - I was still in graduate school at the time, but my lab and office were located in a hospital.  While I HATE needles, the though of making a patient sick by touching the same elevator button or door handle didn't seem fair.  By protecting myself, I was helping to protect them too.  Plus it didn't hurt that they were giving out

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No More “Sand Paper” Toilet Paper!!! Majesta Saves The Day {Giveaway}


Just before my 16th birthday my family moved.  We moved from a big city out to the country about an hour away.  And when I say country I mean it, the closes "town" did not have a stop light, or even a stop sign along the main road!  There were more people in my old high school then lived in the entire catchment area for the town.  There was definitely a learning curve that came

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4 Uses of Gravol That Every Mom Needs to Know {Giveaway}

4 Uses of Gravol That Every Mom Needs to Know

Over the past 5 years I have dealt with more puke then I care to talk about.  Becoming a mother is not for the faint of stomach!  From morning sickness to motion sickness Moms deal with it all.  Overall I would consider my morning sickness mild, it was smells like diesel trucks or buses that would have me running for the nearest bush.  So as long as I was careful to avoid them

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Having Kids is Such a Pain in the Back! Dealing with Postpartum Back Pain {Giveaway}

Postpartum Back Pain treatment

When you are pregnant there are lots of resources to talk to you about the changes your body will go through - books, websites, stories from friends.  But after you actually have the baby, the focus is all on how to take care of baby, feed baby, and putt baby to sleep.  What about mom?  Having kids is such a pain in the back - literally!  Yes you may not be carrying the baby

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Preparing your Body for a Healthy Pregnancy #onlyatshoppers {Giveaway}

Preparing your Body for a Healthy Pregnancy

Becoming pregnant is an exciting and special time.  It can also be a little scary and overwhelming... you are growing a human being inside you!  I know with my first pregnancy I was thrilled and nervous all at the same time.  I remember doing a lot of reading on how to take care of myself and to prepare my body for a healthy pregnancy.  Even now with being pregnant with baby #3

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Beautiful Nails with Trind – Simple French Manicure #TrindNailTips {Giveaway}

Trind Moist Shiny

For years I tried to hide my nails and my secret... I was a nail biter.  For as long as I can remember I bit my nails right down to the nubs to the point they were sore and sometimes would bleed.  Sure there were a few times I stopping biting like when I got married, but then I would end up right back in my bad habit.  It took until I had children, and not wanting them to pick

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Repairing Hair Damage from Heat with Fructis Damage Eraser #DamageEraser

Fructis Damage Eraser

I love my hair, although it may not always show when I have it tossed back in a messy bun most days.  But really it is kind of sacred to me.  Being a red head it is one feature that has always stood out and I have been proud of.  However that also means that I am not very trusting when it comes to what products and styling I use on my hair.  I have never dyed it and in the last

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Be a Winter Warrior and Get ready for Warmer Weather! {Giveaway}

Winter warrior prize pack

Is it just me or has this winter seemed like the longest winter EVER???  It is either freezing cold at -20oC or dumping more snow on our already too tall snow banks.  I am so over winter this year and am dreaming of the days of skirts, shorts or gasp... bathing suits!  It sounds delightful until you try to remember the last time you shaved or waxed.  And then.... uh

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Don’t Sweat It. Handle It with Lady Speed Stick! #DontSweatIt

lady speed stick

When is the last time you sweat?  I mean really sweat?  A job interview?  A great workout?  Hot Yoga?  Going to see your in-laws?  We all have situations that can make us break out a sweat in no time.  My most recent one?  Going to traffic court over a ticket I got last Fall.  You see I received my very first traffic ticket EVER 2 weeks before Little Bears arrival - disobeying

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Keep your family healthy – Thermometer #Sweepstakes #babyshower


Time for another awesome Online Baby Bash Giveaway! Make sure you check them all out so that you don't miss any of the great prizes! Ever parent hates when their child gets sick.  You want to do everything in your power to make them feel better and get them back to playing and running around again.  One of my all time favorite MUST HAVE item for families is a thermometer. 

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