What is the Difference between a Midwife and Doula?


What is the difference between a midwife and a doula? This is a question I get asked often when people hear that I had a Midwife AND a Doula at the births of Little Bear and Baby Roo.  When you are expecting a baby there are lots of choices to be made along the way, but one of the first you will make is who will care for you during your pregnancy.  In many areas women have the

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Do You Really Need a Doula: What is a Doula


  Many parents are now reaping the benefits of hiring a doula. However, someone new to the world of doulas may not fully understand how they may be able to help you throughout your pregnancy, labour, and after the baby arrives. In order to maximize your experience with a doula it is important to understand what exactly a doula is and ways they may be able to support you

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Watching, Waiting, Wondering – We all know someone dealing with infertility


Did you go through a phase where it seem like everyone was getting married?  It felt like every time I turned around I was going to another engagement party, buck & doe, bridal shower or wedding.  Man that was an expensive, but fun time!  Then we moved on to the baby phase.  You know when everyone is swapping stories about pregnancy symptoms and guesses of "boy or girl"

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Introducing the newest member of Little Miss Kate & Co!

Baby girl

Look up, did you notice the change in the header?!?  That is right Roo has finally arrived, and I am a mom of 3!!!  And by "finally" I mean I made it to my due date as baby #3 decided to be perfectly punctual and arrive right on time!  I am excited to announce that we welcomed a baby girl into our family and could not be happier.  As a mom of 2 boys it is exciting and a little

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Memories Made To Last – Summer 2014 #kindersmiles

kindersmiles photo strip

It is hard to believe that summer is over!  Back in May I remember thinking of all the things I wanted to accomplish this summer before Roo (baby #3) arrived in September.  Everything from trips and activities I wanted to do with the kids to projects around the house we wanted to take on.  Well the summer of 2014 didn't disappoint in creating memories that are made to last. 

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Having Kids is Such a Pain in the Back! Dealing with Postpartum Back Pain {Giveaway}

Postpartum Back Pain treatment

When you are pregnant there are lots of resources to talk to you about the changes your body will go through - books, websites, stories from friends.  But after you actually have the baby, the focus is all on how to take care of baby, feed baby, and putt baby to sleep.  What about mom?  Having kids is such a pain in the back - literally!  Yes you may not be carrying the baby

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Preparing your Body for a Healthy Pregnancy #onlyatshoppers {Giveaway}

Preparing your Body for a Healthy Pregnancy

Becoming pregnant is an exciting and special time.  It can also be a little scary and overwhelming... you are growing a human being inside you!  I know with my first pregnancy I was thrilled and nervous all at the same time.  I remember doing a lot of reading on how to take care of myself and to prepare my body for a healthy pregnancy.  Even now with being pregnant with baby #3

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Celebrating “Bonus Days” of Pregnancy #preemie #preemiemom

bonus days of pregnancy

Last week I reached a milestone that I have been counting down to from the time I found out I was pregnant.  33 weeks.  Why is reaching my 33rd week of pregnancy significant?  Because for me that is when I start celebrating my “Bonus Days” of pregnancy.  With my first pregnancy I didn’t make past 32 weeks before Monkey made his swift and unexpected arrival on what was supposed

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Pregnant all summer long, and why you WON’T hear me complaining


Now that the nice weather is here, and the coats are off many people are noticing my baby bump.  There is nothing like pregnancy or new baby to invite random people to start talking to you.  And in my daily life there a lots of those such opportunities – on the train to get to work, in the halls at my office, or when I am out and about with the boys.  The two standard questions

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Bump Watch – Weeks 21 – 24

Pregnancy 22 weeks

Right in the middle of my second trimester, I can't believe how quickly this pregnancy is flying by! Week 21 – There is nothing like sharing the experience of feeling your baby move with your partner.  Roo is starting to be more active and Hubs was able to feel he/she for the first time this week.  I want to remember the smile that crossed his face forever when he felt the

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The Bump Watch: Weeks 17 – 20 #Pregnancy

baby time show spring 2014

Week 17 - A week, a full WEEK with no throwing up! This is a milestone to be celebrated for sure. Week 18 – Phew what a busy week it has been!  With trips to The Baby Time Show and the Green Living Show our weekend was jam packed!  However it was so much fun visiting The Baby Time show as an expectant mom and seeing many of my favourite companies there.  It was also wonderful

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