Keeping Memories Alive With Keepsake Memory Quilts


  I shared with all of you how we lost Hub's dad suddenly earlier this year.  We used to joke around that he would outlive us all just to be stubborn like that.  But in the end fate had other plans and just as we thought he was getting better and almost ready to head home after dealing with complications of a heart attack we got "the call".  Things were not as they seemed,

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My Kid Is Sick – How To Tell If It Is Allergies Or A Cold


Guest Post by Katrina My daughter has allergies. When she first started demonstrating symptoms I thought she had a cold but after about a week I started to get concerned as the symptoms were not going away. Then I realized - it's not a cold she just has allergies. How To Tell If It Is Allergies Or A Cold Symptoms allergies and cold share: Runny nose Stuffy

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Tips for Staying Hydrated While Breastfeeding


  Breastfeeding moms have an important job to do.  Not only to they need to make sure that they are getting the nutrition they need, they are also providing their baby with all the nutrients that are required for them to grow and develop.  When you have a baby "little" things like eating a hot meal or taking a shower become luxuries.  With the combination of the demands

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Yummy Campfire Eggs Recipes and the #GreatCanadianCampout Twitter Party


  Have you started planning your summer camping trips yet?  I can't wait until the weather warms up so we can get outside and enjoy a warm summer night by the campfire.  We have already started talking about what weekends we will be heading up to the family cottage to enjoy some time by the water as well. With trips to the cottage and camping coming up soon it is

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Baby Gear That Last Longer Then The Baby Stage: Nuna Leaf Review


  Having a baby comes with having a lot of "stuff".  Too much stuff if you ask me.  Cribs, high chairs, toys, play pens, car seats... baby bouncers.  I am always on the look out for baby equipment that will last for more then 2 months.  That is one reason I love Nuna Canada products including the Nuna Zaaz high chair that can convert to a regular chair that can hold

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Fun And Easy Ways To Keep Kids Clean


 Guest Post by Katrina Can I just say something for a second - It's SPRING! Well, more like - It's no longer winter! Which after the winter we just had here in Southern Ontario is good enough for me. I have been spending as much time as I can outdoors now that the weather is warmer. In my haste to spend as much time as possible outside I did forget one thing. Outside is

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Solving Teething Troubles with Munch Mitt


This week we celebrated a little milestone around the Little Miss Kate household.  Baby Roo is not a toothless monster anymore, she proudly had one tooth!  Now I have been VERY lucky with my kids with teething, we have rarely long nights of crying or needing to turn to medication to help with teething pain.  What my kids did seem to need to cope with teething is to chew chew

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3 Tips To Save For Your Child’s Education


Last week, my husband and I attended our first kindergarten concert for our oldest child. Monkey sang his little heart out and we could not have been prouder.  While we were sitting there watching him perform, my husband leans over to me and says: "You realize that we will have a child in kindergarten for six years straight right?".  Wait, what?!? I hadn't really thought

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3 Semi-DIY Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Birdcage Lantern - MSRP $24.95

Mother's Day is fast approaching. Every year it seems like the past year has just flown by. Now that I am a mother myself I truly appreciate Mother's Day and I have been going out of my way the last few years to make them extra special for my mom. My daughter and I usually create something special to give her as a Grandmother/Mother's Day gift. But with busy lives and a lower

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Team Up for Canadian Chicken Contest and Twitter Party #TeamCdnChicken


  How do you normally spend Canada Day?  I know it is a few months away still, but it is never too early to think ahead.  Do you normally enjoy a backyard BBQ with friends?  Head to the cottage to spend the day with your family?  What about heading to our nations capital to celebrate Canada's birthday in style???  Not something you would normally do?  Well Chicken

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How To Make Time For ‘Me-Time’

How To Make Time For 'Me-Time'

 Guest Post by Katrina My life is crazy busy. My husband works nights so I am either working or solo parenting, and working some more (ah the life of blogger and entrepreneur).  It can be very hard to find time for myself, usually there it just too much to do. Despite how busy life is, it is important to find time for yourself. I am experienced in making the most of the

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We ALL need a day off sometimes!


  When you have a career there is 1 job where you have ALL the titles including: CEO Accountant HR manager Marketing coordinator Buyer Analyst Administrative assistant And many more.  So what job am I talking about?  This time I am not talking about being a mom, rather a small business owner.  When you run a small business you are "the man" (or

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