3 Tips To Save For Your Child’s Education


Last week, my husband and I attended our first kindergarten concert for our oldest child. Monkey sang his little heart out and we could not have been prouder.  While we were sitting there watching him perform, my husband leans over to me and says: "You realize that we will have a child in kindergarten for six years straight right?".  Wait, what?!? I hadn't really thought

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3 Semi-DIY Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Birdcage Lantern - MSRP $24.95

Mother's Day is fast approaching. Every year it seems like the past year has just flown by. Now that I am a mother myself I truly appreciate Mother's Day and I have been going out of my way the last few years to make them extra special for my mom. My daughter and I usually create something special to give her as a Grandmother/Mother's Day gift. But with busy lives and a lower

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Team Up for Canadian Chicken Contest and Twitter Party #TeamCdnChicken


  How do you normally spend Canada Day?  I know it is a few months away still, but it is never too early to think ahead.  Do you normally enjoy a backyard BBQ with friends?  Head to the cottage to spend the day with your family?  What about heading to our nations capital to celebrate Canada's birthday in style???  Not something you would normally do?  Well Chicken

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How To Make Time For ‘Me-Time’

How To Make Time For 'Me-Time'

 Guest Post by Katrina My life is crazy busy. My husband works nights so I am either working or solo parenting, and working some more (ah the life of blogger and entrepreneur).  It can be very hard to find time for myself, usually there it just too much to do. Despite how busy life is, it is important to find time for yourself. I am experienced in making the most of the

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We ALL need a day off sometimes!


  When you have a career there is 1 job where you have ALL the titles including: CEO Accountant HR manager Marketing coordinator Buyer Analyst Administrative assistant And many more.  So what job am I talking about?  This time I am not talking about being a mom, rather a small business owner.  When you run a small business you are "the man" (or

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You Take Tons of Photos – Now it is Time to Show Them Off!


  At the park, mall, play dates and just about every where you go you see Moms and Dad snapping photos of their little ones.  Think about how many photos you have taken of your kids, now how many of them did you actually show to people?  Sure maybe not all of them are worthy of being hung as a portrait on your bedroom wall, but you are capturing the moments, and more

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Watching, Waiting, Wondering – We all know someone dealing with infertility


Did you go through a phase where it seem like everyone was getting married?  It felt like every time I turned around I was going to another engagement party, buck & doe, bridal shower or wedding.  Man that was an expensive, but fun time!  Then we moved on to the baby phase.  You know when everyone is swapping stories about pregnancy symptoms and guesses of "boy or girl"

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5 Ways For Mom To Take A Break


  I love being a mom. I really do. But sometimes I just need a break. I can tell when I am starting to get over tired or over stressed. Little things that normally do not bother me, start to agitate me. It is not good for my kids to have a stressed out mom and it is not good for me.  I am on maternity leave so I am always with at least one of the kids, so it is not

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6 Tips To Prepare Your Child For Their First Visit To The Dentist


  It is something we don't often think about but maintaining good oral health is just as important as making sure your are physically active. All parts of your body need to be working at their best to have you looking and feeling great physically, mentally and socially from childhood until your senior years.  This includes eating a well balanced diet (including whole

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Is The Water You Drink Making You Sick?


Living in Canada we are blessed with abundant fresh water, so you would think that when ever we turn on the tap to grab a glass that we would not have to worry.  Sadly that is not always the case, and the water you are drinking could actually be hurting you.  When I was a teen we moved to a new house out in the country.  It was a beautiful place surrounded by rivers, farms

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Benefits Of Bath Time For Babies Goes Beyond Getting Clean


The saying goes: Your first child is your "fine china", your second child is "glass", and your third child.... well your third child is "tupperware"!  Now we never really treated Monkey like fine china, however I can totally see the difference between Baby #1, 2 and 3 when it comes to our bath time routine.  Monkey always enjoyed his baths, and we used the time to relax and

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Fish Cards for Snackable Learning – Free Printable Alphabet Flash Cards #GoldfishSmiles


  Because we like to travel this sometimes means our oldest, who is in Kindergarten this year, misses school time. I know he’s gaining invaluable experience when we travel but mommy guilt always kicks into high gear about missing valuable classroom learning time. We try to do learning activities with him on the road but sometimes the day slips by and before we know it

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