Top 5 Must See Movies of 2015


As summer approaches, so does the launch of all the biggest movies of the year! From the start of summer through the end of the year, you will see the launch of movies that the production companies expect to be their top grossing films this year.  This year there are a few franchises that are adding the next instalment in there series and those have to be the top of my list!

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Don’t Break the Bank this Summer – Tips for Budgeting for Summer Activities

Canada's Wonderland

Please tell me I am not the only one who is panicking that that summer is almost here. This is Monkeys first summer “off”. Now that he is a school kid, this is the first time I have had to worry about summer plans for him as he was always in daycare previously. And wow is there a lot of planning, organization and saving that needs to go into 1 summer! We are going to be

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Summer Day Trips in Ontario

What to do at Canada’s Wonderland when you don’t love Roller Coasters

  This one is going to be a special one around the Little Miss Kate household.  It will be the first time Monkey has had the whole summer off from school as he is just finishing JK and it will be the last time I will have a whole summer off on maternity leave as our family is now complete.  With these things in mind we want to make the most of our summer with some fun

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Play ALL the Sports – Just Say Yes When They Ask #WannaPlay?


Too short for basketball, too uncoordinated for baseball I was never very good a sports.  There was a short stint in high school where I really enjoyed badminton, but other then that my sports participation has been pretty limited.  But having kids has given me a second chance at a sports "career".  I might not have mad skills like the pros, but I am ready to try my best and

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When Camp is More Then Just A Vacation – Tim Hortons Camp Day


  Did you ever go to camp as a child?  I attended both day camps through my local city program and also overnight camps with girl guides.  Looking back now I can see my time at camp as so much more then "day care" (which is was for my parents as they worked full time) or a vacation.  It is where I built confidence, learned new skills, and developed friendships.  I

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Kick Cancers Butt One Step At A Time – #OneWalkShoeSelfie Twitter Party


The word no one wants to hear... cancer.  And lately it seems to be coming up a lot in my life.  From friends with abnormal pap smears and uterine polyps to others undergoing a lumpectomy... everyone knows someone touched by cancer.  Recently friend and fellow blogger Renee from My So Called Mommy Life was diagnosed with cancer.  Now a 33 year old mom of 2 young kids has to

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The Diaper Bag You Want Even After You Are Done With Diapers – Oemi Baby Bag


A guest post by Kimberlee from Araya Adventures When I was pregnant with my first child I spent hours in baby stores looking for the perfect diaper bag. I wanted something stylish that didn’t scream diaper bag from across the room yet sturdy enough to handle the inevitable spills and abuse. I went through 3 bags the first year and lamented my decisions every time, not enough

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Save Your Sanity – Leak-Proof Sippy Cup Playtex Playtime Cups


  As a busy mom I need products that make my life easier, not harder.  So when I take the kids out and toss a sippy cup into my purse or diaper bag I need to be able to trust that it will not leak all over my wallet, cell phone or spare clothes.  Because no one likes reaching into a bag only to find a soppy mess inside.  And we have put cups to the test here, but once I

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Keeping Memories Alive With Keepsake Memory Quilts


  I shared with all of you how we lost Hub's dad suddenly earlier this year.  We used to joke around that he would outlive us all just to be stubborn like that.  But in the end fate had other plans and just as we thought he was getting better and almost ready to head home after dealing with complications of a heart attack we got "the call".  Things were not as they seemed,

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My Kid Is Sick – How To Tell If It Is Allergies Or A Cold


Guest Post by Katrina My daughter has allergies. When she first started demonstrating symptoms I thought she had a cold but after about a week I started to get concerned as the symptoms were not going away. Then I realized - it's not a cold she just has allergies. How To Tell If It Is Allergies Or A Cold Symptoms allergies and cold share: Runny nose Stuffy

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Tips for Staying Hydrated While Breastfeeding


  Breastfeeding moms have an important job to do.  Not only to they need to make sure that they are getting the nutrition they need, they are also providing their baby with all the nutrients that are required for them to grow and develop.  When you have a baby "little" things like eating a hot meal or taking a shower become luxuries.  With the combination of the demands

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