I’ve Got My Eye On You – Snuza Video Baby Monitor #SnuzaTrio {Giveaway}


I remember back to my pre-kid days, back when you know everything about parenting without actually have ever done it.  Looking at all the new baby gear that was on the market now compared to when my little sister was a baby in the mid 90's and thinking "Why do parents need all this stuff?!?"  At the time I couldn't imagine why you would need a video monitor, after all my

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For the Love of Sleep – Getting out of bed with #YOP

YOP drinkable yogurt

I LOVE my sleep, I mean really love it to the point of day dreaming about the next time I get to sleep in.  Heck I even have PJs that say I <3 Bed!  I still remember back to the "glory days" of my teenage years sleeping in until noon... or whenever my parents dragged me out of bed.  Fast forward to my university years,  I still made it to every 8:30 am class, but I was

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The Joys of Teething…


I received my first phone call from daycare last week – A.C. had a fever and was not feeling well.  When I got there to pick him up he was napping instead of running and playing with the other kids.  What would it be this time?  Cold?  Flu?  Cough?  No it was worse… Teething! A.C. has been sporting a cut gap tooth grin for months now, and it was finally time for his top eye

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Cold Weather and Warm Drinks go Hand in Hand #EqualCanada #CBias


Ahhhh fall is in the air - leaves turning colours, Halloween has come and gone, Christmas displays are popping up everywhere, and I had to scrape the frost off my car 3 mornings last week! I know I live in Canada, but I am not a huge fan of the cold weather, but one thing I DO look forward to as the temperature drops outside... warm drinks to help keep me toasty warm When I

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