How to Prevent Heat Stroke – What to look for on those sunny hot days


  When we are enjoying the outdoors with our little ones we tend to be diligent about the sunscreen and hats but it’s important to remember how easily children can over heat if over dressed or just out playing in the sun. A fun afternoon play date in the park can quickly turn serious if your child gets heat exhaustion or heat stroke.  Knowing the signs to look out for and

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Original Sprout Sunscreen Review from Baby Grins


Summer is coming so that can mean only one thing… Time to break out the Sunscreen! It is so important to protect your child’s skin from harmful UV Rays, even one bad sunburn can increase their risk of developing skin cancer. When looking for a sunscreen for Monkey I wanted something that would protect his skin, is made from natural ingredients (I will pass on the toxins

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The beautiful city of Prague…


As you may have heard/seen already on blog posts/facebook/twitter that I recently went on a trip to Prague, Czech Republic.  The reason for the trip was for business, but I tacked on 2 extra days for pleasure.  I wasn’t going travel all that way and not get some time to sight see. We decided as a family that JAM and A.C. would not be joining me on this trip, so I was traveling

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