How to Deal With Unexpected Layovers While Traveling With Children


  You’ve checked in, checked your luggage and patiently waited in agonizingly slow security lines only to get to the gate and see those ill-fated words “delay.” Now what? If you are lucky your gate is near the playground and you can simply let your children loose to play within sight, grab a coffee sit back and relax.   However if that is not the case, take a

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Tips For Packing A Carry On Bag For A Child


  Once children are over the age of 2 years old you are required to purchase their own seat when flying.  Although this does add to the cost of a family vacation there is an added benefit.  The child is able to bring on their own carry on luggage and I highly recommend it in order to spread the load.  The focus for a carry on for children should be entertainment

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There’s More to Niagara than The Falls

maid of the mist 1

Niagara’s main attraction has always been The Falls, however there is so much more to do there than activities related to this alluring and attractive centrepiece. No matter what your interests are, you are sure to be able to find plenty of things to do in this area, and there are many family friendly activities. The Fallsview Hotel - If you are looking to find a Fallsview

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7 Tips For Flying With Young Children


Planning a family trip can leave you feeling exhausted before you’ve even taken a step out the door. Here are a few tips and tricks for flying with young children so you can relax on your family vacation.  Let them pack their own small backpack and carry it - Most kids love doing this and stuffing in as many toys, crayons, etc as they can.  Their backpack becomes their

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Explore Winter Time Fun at the Toronto Snow Show #SnowShow14 {Giveaway}


"Mommy I want a snowboard" - words I did not expect from Monkey, my 4 year old son, but that is exactly what he has been asking for the past few weeks.  I think Monkey is getting excited about winter coming soon.  And why shouldn't he be excited?  Living in Canada we can embrace winter and all it has to offer including getting outside for some family fun time.  That is just

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What to do at Canada’s Wonderland when you don’t love Roller Coasters #CWThrills

canadas wonderland lazy river small

When people think of Canada's Wonderland normally the first thing that comes to mind are the high thrill take your breath away roller coasters.  You know the ones like Leviathan - where riders are dropped from a height of 306 ft at an 80 degree angle and reach speeds of up to 148 km/hr.  There are people out there that LOVE that sort of thrill,  Hubs enjoys a good roller

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Best Rides for Toddlers at Canada’s Wonderland #CWThrills

best rides for toddlers at canadas wonderland 5

Deciding where to go on a family outing is no simple task, especially when you have more than one child.  There are many factors that come into play including location, cost and the range of activities available that will keep the whole family happy.  I am happy to say that we have taken the boys to Canada's Wonderland 4 times now and have had an amazing visit every time.  And

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Tips On How To Save Money On Your Holiday Break

5 Reasons to fly  first class

It’s that time of the year again when you pack your bags and head out to some coastal paradise for a holiday. Travelling is wonderful for the soul, but no so much for your wallet! This is why we’re sharing a few of our top tips to save money on your holiday this year:   1. Get a package deal: Things tend to be cheaper when bought together as a package deal. This is as true

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Getting Up Close With Thomas The Tank Engine #DayWithThomas {Giveaway}

Day out with thomas 2

A little rain could not stop us from having a wonderful time at the Day out with Thomas™: Thrill of the Ride Tour 2014.  This past weekend I had the opportunity to take the boys on a one of a kind adventure with Little Bear favorite toy - Thomas The Tank Engine.  I was very impressed with the selection of activities for the kids, both indoors and out, as well as the excellent

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How Your CAA Membership Can Pay For Itself This Summer #CAARewards

Kernals popcorn coupon

I have been asked several times before why I am a CAA Member, as when I bought my car in 2010 it came with a roadside assistance plan.  A friend made a comment to me that I could get rid of my CAA membership now, ummm… No Way!  Not only does CAA Roadside Assistance cover me no matter what vehicle I am in, there are so many other benefits to being a CAA Member it literally pays

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Achieve A Family Vacation That Is One For The Books With A Mediterranean Cruise Vacation

Four Affordable Vacation Spots to Take Your Family

Choosing to stay at one destination is not the only option when it comes to holidays and there are comfortable ways to move around and see several different cities all on one trip. Mediterranean cruises are perfect for families who want to achieve a one of a kind vacation and at the same time explore ancient ruins and experience different cultures. A number of cruise lines

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All Aboard for a Day Out with Thomas #DayWithThomas

day out with thomas

I find it fascinating how young children pick favourtie characters from such a young age.  While one might be crazy for Elmo, another may love Dora.  In my house Thomas the Tank Engine is a very big deal.  Monkey enjoys watching Thomas and playing with trains.  His third birthday party was even a Thomas The Train Party.  However Little Bear has recently taken the love for

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