With the food for out Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle party all planned out it was time to start thinking about decorations.  I didn’t want to get into anything too complicated or time consuming given that the kids were going to have some pretty exciting costumes to wear (and take home).  I kept the decorations for this party pretty simple.  Here is what we used for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Party decorations:

teenage mutant ninja turtle party decoration ideas

TMNT Birthday Banner – I bought this on Etsy Canada from For the Love Of Paper.  It came in PDF format via email for me to print at home.  You have the option to personalize the banner with a name if you wish as well.  After printing I cut out and mounted each piece on some bristol board and tied it together with ribbons.  The birthday banner looked amazing hanging in the dining room over the food table!



I also picked up some TMNT Favour boxes that I used more for decoration then anything else.  The had the cute cartoon cut outs of the ninja turtles on them and they just added a little bit of colour to the table.   to use as decorations along with cupcake toppers which all added to the decor.

teenage mutant ninja turtle party decoration ideas DIY Balloons

TMNT DIY Balloon Decorations -for these you need green balloons, streamers in TMNT colours (Red, blue, purple and orange in case you don’t know), white paper, black marker, and tape.  Here is how to make them:  Blow up the green balloons.  Tie piece of streamer around the middle of the balloon, make sure it is long enough so that you have a bit of the tails dangling down the back.  Affix the streamer with tape so it can’t slide off.  Cut out 2 circles for eyes from the white paper and draw on a pupil with the black marker.  Tape the eyes onto the streamer and hang your balloon, you are done!  Love how simple yet cute these are.teenage mutant ninja turtle party decoration ideas DIY Balloons

teenage mutant ninja turtle party decoration ideas DIY Balloons

Make sure you check out the TMNT birthday party food ideas for more inspiration for your party.  Cowabunga dude!!!

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