It seems like it was just yesterday that I was sending Monkey off to school for the first time.  Flash forward 2 years later and we are getting ready for Little Bear to go off to Junior Kindergarten.  With 6 years of kindergarten straight between the 3 kids we will be pro’s at this by the time Roo heads off to school.  This  year I am feeling a little less prepared for back-to-school then normal.  The past 2 years when Monkey started school I was off on maternity leave, but this year I am working full-time and life is chaotic at the best of times.  That means when it comes time for shopping, I want as much one-stop shopping as possible and am looking for good value to help me stay on budget.  Online shopping helps put a big dent in my shopping list.

back to school shopping list for junior kindergarten

Lots of parents start to fret when it comes to what to get for back-to-school.  You want to do most of your shopping before the kids head into the classrooms, but what do they need?  What are you wasting your money on?  Well here is my Back-To-School Shopping list for Junior Kindergarten:back to school shopping list for junior kindergarten

Back-To-School Shopping list for Junior Kindergarten

Clothes and Shoes

  • Indoor AND Outdoor shoes – No laces, your child needs to be able to put on and take off their own shoes.  Go with Velcro, or something like this awesome Ninja Turtles slip on runners until your child has mastered tying shoes.Velcro Shoes are the best option as they are the easiest for kids to put on and off themselves and they are still structured to provide support unlike crocs or slip on shoes.back to school shopping list for junior kindergarten
  • Pants – Stay away from jeans if you child cannot button/unbutton them themselves.  I love to pick up jogging/sport pants. They are easy to get on/off independently while at school.
  • Shirts – Go for comfort, kindergarten has lots of movement and play.  Make sure your kids will be comfortable in their clothingIf your kids go to a school for uniforms be sure to check out Carter’s Uniform Collection including khakis as they carry Uniform Ready Dress Code Basics in Navy and White for a great price!
  • Hoodie – Perfect for layering up over t-shirts during the Spring and Fall.
  • Jacket/Snow pantsback to school shopping list for junior kindergarten
  • Hats – Pick up extras so you are not in a panic in the morning when trying to get out the door for school.
  • Mitts – I buy several identical sets of mitts, so if you lose a mitt or two you still have matches. 

School Supplies:

  • Backpack – We went with a regular size backpack, I know it might look large on your JK, but you don’t have to fill it.  Plus it gives you room to pack an extra change of clothes and lunchback to school shopping list for junior kindergarten
  • Lunch box – Get a lunch box that is large enough to fit everything.  Once you get a sandwich, a few snacks and an ice pack you would be surprised at how much space that takes up.
  • Water bottle/Lunch Containers – Choose container that your child can open themselves to make lunch and snack time less stressful for your child


  • Tissues– While you might not need this at the beginning of the year, come winter time it is a good idea to have some small packages of tissue to send in your child’s bag for runny noses. Teachers also love if you can send in some boxes of kleenex as classrooms go through tons.
  • Labels – Seriously, label EVERYTHING. Makes it so much easier to get back hats, water bottles, and even shoes when they are labeled. Our favourite go to for Labels is Mabel’s Labels.



Back to School Snacks:

You may have noticed the lack of school supplies on my back-to-school shopping list for Junior Kindergarten, and that is because at this stage your child is going to need very few actual school supplies.  Paper, crayons, markers etc will likely all be supplied by the school.  If you don’t have any arts & craft supplies at home, then maybe pick up some so your child can practice skills like drawing shapes or cutting paper with scissors at home.  But don’t go overboard with the markers just yet, at this stage enjoy the fact that you don’t need binders, rulers or calculators yet.  Instead I had some fun shopping for back-to-school clothes online as it saved so much time!

Moms will appreciate the reasonable prices while kids love shopping the large selection of styles at Carters, Amazon, and Children’s Place. 

back to school shopping list for junior kindergarten

Did I miss anything on the Back-To-School Shopping list for Junior Kindergarten?  What are your” must haves” when shopping for back-to-school?




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